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Nigerians’ worst travel nightmares

Travelling is fun, it primarily feeds our wanderlust as it gives us the chance to see and explore new places, as well as make new memories. However, like everything on earth, it has its pros and cons.

Most frequent travelers have had to deal with mishap at some point. While some of these issues are not always serious situations, there are times they are actual nightmares, and the traveler is trapped in a seemingly perilous predicament.

If you are wondering how can a trip possibly turn into a nightmare, Jovago.com, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking service shares the details.

Missing Luggage

The awful thing about carrying luggage at an airport, station or terminal is that they can get lost, damaged, or stolen if you are not careful. Whether your bag is mistagged, loaded on the wrong plane, or just left sitting uncared for in some hidden corner of the arrivals terminal, it can put a crimp on your vacation, leaving you disorganized and disoriented.

While this nightmare can sometimes be inescapable, it is important that you take particular steps towards ensuring that there is a slim chance of it happening.

To do this, write your name and address not only on the tag outside your bag but also inside your bag as well, that way, in the event the bag goes to the wrong city, it can easily be identified and routed to the right one faster.

Also arrive early and check your bag at the desk, not at the curb as external check-ins and those made less than 30 minutes before takeoff are more likely to be misrouted.

Delayed or cancelled flights

Imagine having an important appointment in another city or country with a tight timeline and announcement about the flight being delayed is made.…it can be quite a nightmare.

Cancellations and delays are not only major disappointments as they cause a destabilizing shift in your schedule, they can also put in you in positions where you may have to spend extra money on necessities while waiting. In extreme cases, you may be forced to sleep on hard airport chairs.

Losing your wallet is most likely the most sickening travel nightmare, as it leaves you without your vitals – cash, identity cards, ATMs etc. The good thing though, is that it is actually one of the easiest challenges to deal with if are well prepared.

Before you leave for your trip, ensure you have a backup ATM card, print out a list of all your bank and credit card accounts, make a photocopy of your passport, and try not to carry all of these things in the same bag. That way, if your wallet goes missing, you will have access to cash, a list of accounts to cancel, and an identification card to prove who you are when you need to.

No one prays for an accident, but they happen. You could sprain an ankle on a trip or break an arm. Worse still, you could get caught in a car or airplane crash.

Having any kind of accident happen to you whilst on holiday is the biggest mishap you can have. Luckily, many of the accidents are not fatal and mostly only cause distress and frustration.

If you get involved in an accident whilst you travel, it is important that you have health insurance to cover any costs from doctors or hospitals. What most people do is check their health insurance prior to leaving for their holidays, to see that all bases are covered. If your health care does not cover your destination, you should definitely look to buy travel insurance that will help you out should you have any illness or accidents.



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