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9 questions for Tejuoso and Ambode over N150 million GRA property

Hon. Funmi Tejuoso’s family members were ejected from the erstwhile official quarters of the Lagos House of Assembly Deputy Speaker she reportedly bought for N150 million on Friday, November 3, 2017 – but Lagosians are more confused as both sides lay claim to ownership.
So, what’s really the truth as the legislator maintained that she has finished paying for the 3A Sasegbon Street, GRA Ikeja property, while Lagos government denied the purchase.
With this contention, who’s the rightful owner?
Answers to these questions posed by will resolve the matter in no time:

1. Was the property said to be the official quarters of the Deputy Speaker ever offered for sale?

2. Was Hon. Funmi Tejuoso the substantive Deputy Speaker of Lagos House of Assembly when the property was offered for sale?

3. Was the price of the property independently done in such a way that it was not undervalued?

4. What were the terms of payment?

5. Did the Tejuosos pay within the time?

6. Did the Tejuosos buy the property through a company they are not listed as directors?

7. Was the sale ever contested?

8. What’s the position of the court case?

9. Why is the Lagos House of Assembly silent in this imbroglio?



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