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Muslims applaud Ambode over sale of Lake Rice

Lagos state government is set to commence the sale of Lake Rice in preparations for the Eid-el-Kabir celebrations, and the news is going down well with Lagosians who are applauding the Initiative. Most especially because the price still remains unchanged as 50kg bag would be sold for N12,000, 25kg for N6,000, and 10kg for N2,500.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with Muslims on this development…


Tina Dorcas

It’s a welcome developement. I am happy with the Lagos state government because this is the time we need the rice. We are running out of food in my house.


Adeniyi Qodri

I am happy because  they said the trailer loads of rice would be available today in Lagos. I just pray it is true and those who are selling them should not increase the price and they should make them available .


Bolagade Kafayat

We have heard them, we are waiting for them to bring the rice they have for us.Thanks to the government of Lagos state.


Mrs Aminat

It is a good development, if they don’t keep it for some people who hijack it from us. If they are really selling at that price too. We are happy about that because it will even help this coming Salah.


Mr Raji

I am very happy about that, because we are still hoping for money to buy ram but if the price of rice has now reduced, that means the problem is half solved.


Adedoja Salmot

I will applaud the governor of Lagos state for taking such a good initiative, at least every family will be able to buy rice during this Salah. I also know that some will even share food for those that don’t have. But my advice to them is that government should not make it seasonal, they should make it available for all Lagosians whether there is festivities or not. At least it is their own way of making things easier for people.


Mrs Ogunleye Ajoke

It is good, that is what we are expecting. At least it will reduce the

amount we are to spend on Salah.


Shoyinka Rahmon

I really appreciate the Lagos state governor on that development. But what I will advise the government is that there should be close monitoring so that people will not abuse this opportunity where  some people will buy more and sell at higher prices.


– Shukurat Alimi for 



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