African contortionist secures space in Nigeria’s Got Talent finale

D Naturals

D Naturals

With four seats left in the finale of Africa’s No 1 talent show, Nigeria’s Got Talents’ contestants are in a neck-to-neck battle which pulls them closer to N10 million.

For Oyindamola Kolawole, also known as E-Flex, his chances of becoming N10 million richer just got closer, as he was able to beat six other contestants in the race to secure a spot in the finale.

E-Flex, who was chosen by the judges against a strong competitor, Diadems of Liberty Dance Crew, had his level of creativity and uniqueness working for him as the judges used that as a strong factor for their decision.

Diadem of Liberty

Diadem of Liberty

“You make your act which is obviously very difficult as simple as ever. Your level of creativity is alarming and I think Nigeria needs more of such unique acts,” said an impressed Yibo Koko.

Also securing a space in the last eviction show was D’ Naturals acapella group, who had the highest votes for the week.

Catch the fourth group of contestants for thrilling acts this Sunday on NTA, STV, ONTV, HIPTV and various Startimes channels.


Korede and Lagbaja

Korede and Lagbaja

When an African legend takes notice of an act for good, then you definitely know that this is one act to watch out for.

13-year-old Akorede Odukale was thrilled as he performed with his icon, Lagbaja on  December 19, 2013, at the yearly Lagbaja Concert, held at the General Hospital, Ikeja.

Akorede played Nothing for you and the legend sang along as they serenaded the crowd.

“This is a dream come true,” said an over-excited Korede. “With this I know that all the hard work is starting to pay off for my family and I,” he added.

Lagbaja urged the audience to watch out for Akorede on TV, as he is a star in the making. Akorede Odukale is one of the finalists in the on-going second season of Nigeria’s Got Talent.


Aduragbemi David

Aduragbemi David

The seat is getting hotter and the race tougher as Africa’s No 1 talent show, Nigeria’s Got Talent is gradually wrapping up for the season.

Joining Akorede Odukale and Laff Doctor in the finale is nine-year-old David, who thrilled with his exceptional drumming skills right from his audition in Ibadan. David is currently the youngest amongst those in the finale and has been compared to season 1 winner, Amarachi as a strong competitor who may cause a child to emerge the winner of this show for a second time.

Also CI Squad dance crew, a group selected by the judges over another contestant Omotolani was selected into the finale from the second group of top 40. Andre Blaze announced these results at the last eviction show.

“David is one exceptional act we have seen shine continuously in this competition and I am not shocked he made it to the top 10,” said Kate Henshaw. “With his level of commitment, it won’t come as a surprise if he continues the trend of children emerging a winners in this competition,” she added.

With four spaces occupied and six more to go in the finals, the competition is definitely getting tighter and in need of all the contestants to come with their A-game so as to win the coveted prize of N10 million.

Find out which two acts make it into the top 10 on Saturday on NTA, STV, ONTV, HIPTV and various Startimes channels.



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