Aishat Abimbola mum over rumoured new lover

+ ‘Everything concerning my relationship is private’

POPULAR Yoruba actress, Aisha Abimbola, otherwise known as Omoge Campus has just emerged the Vice President of The Movie Ambassadors (TMA), the new association in the movie industry right now.  The pretty thespian is to serve alongside Saidi Balogun, who is the president. 

ENCOMIUM Weekly cornered Omoge Campus at an event in Ikeja, Lagos, on Saturday, April 12, 2014, where she spoke on the new development.  However, the Lagos born actress has maintained sealed lips on her rumoured new lover and other issues concerning her relationship.

aisha abimbolaOn Saturday, April 5, 2014, you emerged the Vice President of the new association in the movie industry, The Movie Ambassadors, how do you feel about this new development?

Yes, I feel good and cool about it. I thank God for the victory but I see a bigger challenge ahead because from just a normal member of the association to the post of vice president, that means I need to ensure I perform.  It’s more of a challenge than anything else.

How did you emerge the vice president of the association?

Basically, before the election, I have been a vibrant member of TMA.  Even at a point I was in the hospital and we had a little get together, at Ember Creek, Ikoyi.  Immediately I was discharged, I made sure I attended the event just for a few hours.  I made sure everything entrusted in my hands regarding the event was discharged to the best of my ability. I think that was one of the things that made them say I can do it.  And I am grateful for that.

The main goal of the association is to rebrand the industry, how ready are you to work hand-in-hand with the president, Saidi Balogun in achieving this?

Thank you very much.  Working hand-in-hand with a man in every association is a bit of a challenge. It means one has to be in total support of the vision of the association.  We have a vision and mission to achieve, and as the vice president, I just have to encourage my boss, Saidi Balogun and carry every member of the association along.  Saidi Balogun and I have a common goal, and as his vice, I must support him to ensure the goal is actualized.

Don’t you think the elders in other associations, including Association of Nigeria Theatre Art Practitioners (ANTP) and Theatre and Movie Practitioners Association (TAMPAN), won’t be seeing you guy as a rebel group?

No, we made it clear that even anybody in our group can join whichever association that appeals to him or her.  We didn’t start this thing behind them.  We had their blessings.  They can’t see us as rebels.  They are all aware of our mission, that’s why they are in support of what we’re doing.

Aisha 036What now separates The Movie Ambassadors from other associations in the industry?

We’re just a group just like other associations but we meet people from other groups.  For instance, we meet on movie sets, we play together.  That means we’re all together.  We’re not enemies, but friends.  TMA members can still belong to ANTP or TAMPAN.  It’s an open group.  It’s just a group that says, “Let’s just rebrand ourselves, let’s repackage and do things differently.”  The elders have tried and they are still trying but we as youths, what can we do with the little that God has given us as brains?  Let’s just do things in a new way, and with the support of the elders we believe we can achieve our goal.

But the public perception right now is that things have fallen apart and the centre has refused to hold as far as the Yoruba movie genre is concerned. What’s your comment on this?

In every organization, there is time for revolution, and such time is this. I believe strongly that at the end of it all, we shall all have a cause to rejoice. It’s a step that will lead to the development of the industry.  It’s a step that will open our eyes.  It’s a step in the right direction.  No matter the situation now, so far we don’t relent, we’re going to collectively reap the fruits of our labour.  By the special grace of God, the centre will hold soon and we shall all speak in one voice. But it must start somewhere and that’s exactly what TMA stands for.

How do you juggle your administrative post and career so that one will not be affecting the other?

Since the administrative role is still within my career, it’s not as if my career is somewhere else.  There can’t be any problem at all. I have been in the profession before taking up an administrative job in the association. I am ready to do everything within my power to move the association forward.  I must be able to sacrifice certain things because of the association. And if I have to be on the movie set of any producer, I will let the person know what I have on ground as regards my association, I will seek permission which I believe the person will understand.  There is time for everything, and things have to be planned ahead.

TMA is still very young. As vice president, what do you think can still be done to move the association forward?

Aisha 009Just as we the members of TMA have said, the first thing we need is love.  We want to see everybody as a sister and brother. It’s a kind of brotherhood.  During our election, there were some things that happened which really exhibited that we love ourselves.  We started on a right note, we have put the first foot on the ground and in a right direction as well.

Do you think coming up with a different association is the solution to the problem of the industry?

I won’t say so but if you have your own vision, try do everything you can to achieve it.  We have our own vision, and we’re trying our best to make sure it works, by the grace of God.  And if what you have in your association shares the same views with ours, that means we can work together for the progress of the industry.  But if you’re not seeing what we’re seeing, that means we’re not on the same page.

Let’s go a bit private. A couple of weeks back, it was reported in one of the dailies that you have admitted that your marriage has packed up. Not only that, you have also moved on with another man…

Which paper is that? Whoever has said that is drunk.  I never said anything like that.  What I only said is that I don’t want to talk about my relationship.  So, anything apart from that is not from me.  Each time they ask me questions on my relationship, I still repeat the same thing.  I have the right not to talk about my relationship.  And I have not granted any interview saying anything about my relationship.

Okay, what’s the situation of things concerning your relationship?

I am not talking about it.  I have told you, everything about my relationship is personal and allow it to remain so please.

But we learnt you have moved on with a new lover…

(Cuts in) I am not saying anything on my relationship.  And I think I have the right not to.  Thank you.




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