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Amaka Igwe’s final hours! Some notable characters she created

+Nollywood colleagues eulogise her

Amaka Igwe would forever be remembered for creating some interesting characters that would even outlive her.  They include: Peaceful Peace, Chief Fuji, Alika (all of Fuji House of Commotion). There are also Nduka, Bennie, Akpan and Barry Hughes.  Anne Hasthrope (Checkmate), Segun Kadiri and Ahanna (Rattlesnake).

BOB-MANUEL UDOKWU: Bob is one of those who would remain grateful to Amaka Igwe. She gave him his first chance to make his face recognizable in the crowd.  He featured in Checkmate as Ritchie.

JULIUS AGWU: Comedian and actor, Julius de Genius Agwu got his first movie role in Nollywood from Amaka Igwe.  He played Peter Jnr in Rattlesnake.

FRANCIS DURU: Talented Francis Duru also got a career launch through Amaka.  He played Young Ahanna in Rattlesnake.

NKEM OWOH: Played Odinaka in the blockbuster hit Rattlesnake.  He also got his break through Amaka Igwe.

CHARLES NOVIA: Top Nollywood producer cum actor, Charles Novia, played Jide, the banker in Violated.

JOHN NJAMAH: John featured prominently in the sitcom, Fuji House of Commotion, one of Nigeria’s favourite.  He played Gbenro.

UCHE ODOPUTA: Zeal in Rattlesnake.


Expectedly, Amaka Igwe’s Nollywood colleagues have been mourning the lady of substance. And here are what they said about her death…

GENEVIEVE NNAJI: This is the darkest day of my entire career.  Your legacy will live on Aunty, I promise you.  RIP.

STEVE ONU (YAW): All the world is a stage and all of us are just players, we have our exits and entrances.  RIP Amaka Igwe.  Sad news.

KATE HENSHAW: A great woman who dared where men tread has passed on.  RIP Aunty Amaka.

STEPHANIE OKEREKE-LINUS: I am still in shock!  How we have lost a great one.  Rest in peace, Amaka Igwe.

JOSEPH BENJAMIN: What will you be remembered for, she positively affected her generation.

SAIDI BALOGUN: She left when the industry needed her the most.  A national icon is gone, Nigeria will miss you.

CHIKA IKE: RIP to an Amazon, Amaka Igwe.

DESMOND ELLIOT: Aunty Amata will be greatly missed. Our condolences go to Uncle Charles.

RITA DOMINIC: Great woman, good night!  Your body of work will be an inspiration to many generations.  Adieu.

STELLA DAMASUS: She has gone home.  Death does not have a clock.  RIP!


‘She was a colossal figure in Nollywood’ – CHARLES NOVIA

Charles-Novia-001Top movie producer who was greatly influenced by Amaka Igwe reacted thus: “Amaka Igwe was a colossal figure in Nollywood whose contributions cannot be quantified.  Her death, shocking as it is to us, has left a huge vacuum which will remain unfilled for generations.  Such brilliance, such passion for professionalism is rare even outside entertainment.  She will surely be missed.  Nigeria owes her an immortalization beyond platitudes.”


Bob-Manuel-223x336‘Amaka Igwe gave me a platform ’ – BOB-MANUEL UDOKWU

Movie star, Bob-Manuel had this to say: “By God’s grace, I credit Amaka Igwe with providing me the platform that elevated me to a celebrity today in the entertainment industry worldwide with lots of awards to show.  She was a star maker!  I was still hoping to make more blockbuster movies with her but the grim reaper played a fast one on all of us.  I am deeply saddened by the news of her passage at a time when the industry which she helped to nurture is at crossroads.  There will never be anyone like Amaka Igwe nee Isaac Ene. But the show must go on.”

‘She gave me my first movie role’ – JULIUS AGWU

julius agwuAce comedian, Julius Agwu reacts: “Amaka Igwe gave me my first movie role as Peter Jnr., in her blockbuster film, Rattlesnake, in the era when nobody gave the actor a chance.  To me, Amaka Igwe bestrode the entertainment arena like a colossus ensuring it was not ‘violated’.  Still a shock to me that death sneaked in like a ‘rattlesnake’ into the ‘Fuji House of Commotion’ to ‘checkmate’ our joy!  May her soul RIP.”


UCHE2What UCHE ODOPUTA told us about his boss

MOVIE star, Uche Odoputa worked closely with the late Amaka Igwe.  He was also part of her last movie production.  Still in shock, the movie director shared with ENCOMIUM Weekly his last encounter with the departed movie amazon.

From what Odoputa told us, that pre-production processes, auditioning and casting had almost concluded when he left Enugu for Benin. He said, he got a call from his boss, who had wanted him to start mobilizing those involved in the production only for him to get a call the next day that the woman that actually discovered him had passed on.

On what he would miss about her, Odoputa said, she was a caring and loving mother who was sincere to a fault.  “I will miss a friend, sister and mother.  She was the type that looked you straight in the eyes and tell you the truth.  Amaka Igwe called a spade a spade. She never believed in money but in capacity building. Amaka Igwe would out-rightly condemn you, she would rather point at your fault and encourage you to improve on it.

“Her untimely death has dealt us a terrible blow.  It was when I started getting calls from the UK, America and the world over I believed she has passed on.  Although, I wouldn’t have done much if I were still around when she passed, I still have this feeling of guilt that had I not travelled, may be, I would have wrestled with that angel of death that stole my boss and mentor.  Her death is disheartening.  I’m at loss at what to do now (begins to lose his voice).”

Uche Odoputa, however, assured Amaka Igwe’s fans that all the projects she couldn’t complete would turn out good so as to immortalize her.




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