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Amazing secrets of the only woman standing on dollar billionaires list

Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija, Africa’s most influential and its second richest woman, is a colourful character whose life is littered with the most beautiful things money can buy. What’s more, she enjoys by immersing herself in the hub of social whirl and tasting from the table high society ladens with roller coaster fun. Every moment, practically every minute, of the third richest Nigerian (after Alhaji Aliko Dangote, with $14 billion and Dr. Michael Adenuga, Jnr., worth $7.5 billion on Monday, July 18 morning) is spent  ensconced in delightful pursuits.

Many secrets dominate the world of mother of four sons whose oil company elevated to a celebrated dame difficult to ignore.


Here are some of the intimate secrets of 65 year old Folorunsho Alakija:

  1. There is a luxury private jet (Bombadier Global Express reportedly worth $46 million) in the hanger for the use of the fashionable woman. And during special occasions of her friends, she puts the jet at their beck and call. Another more luxurious and far more expensive jet was speculated to have been ordered by the Ikorodu, Lagos born former fashion designer.
  1. She loves good cars, and for her 60th birthday bought two special Mercedes Benz limousines setting her back by N84 million. She has all manners of cars in her garage, and bought four Mercedes Benz G-wagon for her son (for N88 million).
  1. She travels large, and understandably so.Those who have seen her at the airport, even long before she bought her private jets, were astonished at the number of suitcases she checked in. The Louis Vuitton luxury range of portmanteaux, with the famed designer logo adorning them, left many speechless.
  1. Loves wondrous homes. And in Victoria Island, her plush mansion is the object of dreams. Her Hyde Park London (United Kingdom) flats, at number 1, make us all swoon. It was reported that the billionaire bought five apartments in the luxury block for $123 million.
  1. Passionate about her foundation. Long before she became this popular and serenaded, Alakija has paid intense attention to her foundation, empowering widows and helping the less privileged. Her Rose of Sharon Foundation means the world to her.
  1. Runs a bible reading class and prayer group. Those who are familiar with her maintain that she organizes weekly bible reading classes and prayer session at one of her places, especially in Surulere (Lagos).
  1. Gives cakes and other items during Christmas, especially to those who support her causes, including media houses. She even pays courtesy calls to some of the establishments that promote her foundation.
  1. Would go miles to support friends. She is known not to be a deserter in her friends’ hours of need. She always stands up to be counted. And for social events, she attends all engagements organized by close allies and even acquaintances.
  1. Never wears aso ebi. The popular uniform adorned at social events, usually bought at a premium by guests, called aso ebi, is not favoured by the dame of means. Whenever you are organizing any event with aso ebi she politely tells you her stand. What she does is adorn the colours of the event.
  1. Spreads her wealth by not having preferred vendors for her events. Her events are rotated among vendors, from planners to suppliers of food and drinks and decorators. She clearly tells all that she wants as more people as possible to make money from her.
  1. Loves flamboyant, painstakingly attended to drapes. Her attires are colourful, flamboyant with frills and embellishments. She is not one to embrace simple and plain togs. This dress sense is from her days as a famous and adulated designer known as Supreme Stitches and later Rose of Sharon.
  1. She has her signature head gear. Her gele are always delicately perforated and embellished, with frilly edges.



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