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Best dressed Nollywood actors (2): Joseph Benjamin

Talented actor-cum-model, Joseph Benjamin currently enjoys the reputation of being one of the most sought-after hunks in Nollywood. He was host of Nigeria’s premier talent hunt show, MTN Project Fame for five seasons. Most of his female admirers have described him as Every lady’s man apparently because of his charming disposition and irresistible dress-sense. The talented thespian recently emerged winner of the Most Stylish Actor at the City People 7th Fashion and Style Awards.

Tall, dark and handsome, Benjamin is the consummate star, packing bucket-loads of magnetism. With a sharp sense of humour as well as an irresistible dress-sense, the actor-cum-model falls squarely in the “love-to-love” celebrities of the world list.

Undeniably one of Nollywood’s swelling rank of heartthrobs, Benjamin’s most endearing feature is his affability. Not only is he talented and good-looking, his approachable, amiable character seduces even the most stern critics.



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