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Best dressed Nollywood actors (3): Alex Ekubo

Alex Ekubo is this yummy model/actor everyone has come to love. His boyish looks and charms make people do a double take every time they see him on or off the red carpet. He also has an impeccable sense of style. When it comes to male celebrities who know their onions in terms of fashion, Alex Ekubo could be said to be one of them. This handsome young guy has carved a niche for himself in fashion by always looking his best. You can never catch him unawares. He is always looking sleek. Alex was once the first runner-up of the Mr. Nigeria contest and the Most Promising Male Actor for 2012 at the Best of Nollywood Awards.

He loves to wear Nigerian made designs- native wears and suits such as Mai Atafo, Yomi Casual, Taryor Gabriels and a host of others. However, there is no style that he can’t do. He can wear anything as long as it looks good and fits him.

With his impeccable style, Alex has become the king of the red carpet, always leaving an impressive moment. He keeps fit by choosing what he eats, and he does not eat late. He also drinks a lot of water to look good.



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