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CELEBRATING FELA 20 YEARS AFTER: ‘Please, don’t tell Beko,’ Dolu pleads


IN a reaction to the death of her younger brother, Fela AnikuIapo-Kuti, on Saturday, August 2, 1997, the elder sister DoIu Anikulapo-Kuti said her wish was that information should not be revealed to Beko Ransome-Kuti (Fela’s brother) who is serving a 15 year jail term, because it might affect him.

According to the 75 year old Dolu, who is the eldest child of their parents, Fela and Beko are like twins, when he (Beko) was around.

“I pray that Beko did not get to hear about Fela’s death, because he might collapse if he hears. They are like a set of twins.”

Dolu also told NATIONAL ENCOMIUM that Fela was the closest to her of all the siblings. “He was the only person that I have easy access to. You can’t just walk into doctor’s house as you can do at Fela’s.”

There is, however, one thing Aunty Dolu, as she is popularly called by her brothers and family members, detests about her Fela: his tight-fistedness.

“Fela was thrifty to a fault. He did not take good care of his children when he was alive. These (pointing to his band boys and girls) were people he spent all his money on.”



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