…”Your State is safe”, Governor tells Lagosians
As Nigerian Christians join the rest of the world to celebrate Christmas, Lagos State Governor, Mr Babatunde Fashola (SAN) has advocated peaceful co-existence and imbibing of the enduring lessons of sacrifice which the season represents.
In his Christmas goodwill message to Lagosians, Governor Fashola said the promise of the country’s greatness cannot be realized without sacrifice on the part of all concerned.
Reiterating the determination of his administration to keep the wheel of progress turning with people focused policies and far reaching infrastructural development projects, the Governor assured that the State is safe adding that the citizenry should continue to live together in peaceful and harmonious co-existence.
“My message to Lagosians is that your State is safe, you should continue to live together in peaceful and harmonious co-existence”, he said.
The Governor also called on Nigerians to unite, both in mind and action, to rescue the nation from its current situation, saying there is need to make the necessary sacrifice and believe again in Nigeria.
According to him, the only way to realize the promise of the country’s greatness and return the country to her past glory was to believe in her and the ability to put her once again on the path of greatness.
Underscoring the need for sacrifice as epitomized in the birth and life of Jesus Christ, he said though Nigerians should accept and not pretend about the current status of the country, they must resolve now and believe that she can “get up and climb back to the top”.
The Governor expressed dismay that while the nation’s population has become bigger, productivity has diminished pointing out that this has happened because the people have abandoned the values that had formed the building blocks of pristine civilizations across the globe.
Such values, the Governor said, include compassion, sanctity of human life, a good name, respect for constituted authority, pursuit of knowledge and high professionalism, hard work and brotherly love, adding, “They have drained from the mainstream of our daily national life”.
Starting from the way many Nigerians drive, with no training and no obedience to traffic rules, through the way they build houses with no permits, no professionals and no standard materials, to how they do business with no records, no plans and no care of the business environment, among others, Governor Fashola said there was a need to retrace the national steps from a culture of shortcuts to the path of hardwork and sacrifice to realize the promise of her greatness.
While wishing all Nigerians a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year in advance, the Governor urged Lagosians to continue to live in peaceful and harmonious co-existence as well as utmost tolerance in order to continue to make the State home for all Nigerians and ensure sustained development and prosperity for all.



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