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Fashola butt of jokes as power outage lingers

The minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN) is struggling to talk his way out of power outages, convulsing to convince Nigerians of the past failure of governments over decades and not succeeding.

Nigerians are tired of leaders blaming previous regimes. They want performance as talk is cheap.
And in the last few months as power outages torment all, no one is listening to the minister’s litany of blames and buck passing.
The former governor of the good people of LAGOS is now the butt of jokes as compatriots suffer in this horrendous weather and harsh business climate…

Gbenga Olufemi – It is unfortunate fashola now talks before he thinks.


Fabian Okwajie – Any reasonable government would fix power issues in 6 months. Fasholain 2014.


Gana Nathaniel Audu – Fashola, the minister of Power says the current power outage affecting the nation is also affecting his family as his children are suffering from heat rashes and are complaining.

When a leader lies soo cheaply to claim he is empathising with the masses, you cant help but wonder if these people fear God.

Somebody should please ask Oga fashola what happened to all the generating sets and allocation to maintain them abi them don pack up?

This is like insulting our collective sense. Just like pissing on us without common courtesy of calling it rain.


Tunde Adebayo – Fashola who is responsible tell us?


Benjamin Bakare Fashola blames power outage on vandalism.

I said it,these guys are just accidentals in power. E be like say this fasholadey crase sef.


Ekewa Olu – Fashola honourable minister of darkness and power outage. – stolen


Dejie Rowlands Adebisi M – News of the Day!

National Assembly complex experience power outage for almost 3 hours today… It happened between 3.30pm and 6pm.

I can see this is real changi. Fashola is working…


Agwor Mavis – Fashola where are you?

This is BAD, power outage now. Pls PHCN help me, I am watching my Governor.

No petrol on my Gen plant. This is wicked….. Can someone call the Minister for Power?

I need Light right now. Buhari APC help me Oooooooh


Eje Inyila Victor – REMINDER: A serious Government will fix the power problem in six months”- Babatunde Raji Fashola 12/11/2014 but what do we have now?


Ndi Igbo – Why power outage persists -Fashola


Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola yesterday heaped the blame of the continuous power outage facing the country at the doorsteps of some cartels, saying the government will soon dislodge them. He assured that the government would soon clamp down on the cartel and give the people electricity stressing that it would require Nigerians to demand such from the government which they elected into office. Fashola disturbed by the trend, wondered why Nigeria has continued to give one excuse or the other on why it cannot provide electricity for its people when other countries in the African region had since put stable power supply behind them years ago.

The governor accused a privileged few of “feeding fat and enriching themselves” from power outage through generator importation stressing that the country has no reason whatsoever why stable power is still a mirage. His words ,“Electricity does not require rocket science approach, this is an innovation of over 100 years ago. Yet it has remained a pipe dream for the country, in spite of all efforts to better the power supply in the country”. DAILYSUN

HMMM! Do GEN importers who are generally Igbos have the power to hold the whole nation hostage by making sure we all remain in darkness? We don’t think so. As much as they are laughing to the bank, sorry any day FB wakes up to dislodge them, it will take seconds. please place the blame squarely on FG and her LOOTERS and not generator importers! Igboman that does not have mouth in this nation can not suddenly be the reason why the whole of this country is in darkness. ABEG!!!!


Ugonna Goodluck Stelo – :::::::::::Breaking News:::::::::

Worsened power outage across Nigeria may continue till May..

Who do I ask…….Fashola (Power Minister) Or Lai Mohammed( Information Minister)?


Richard Rikki Chinedum – Fashola how market? I hope in the couple of months to come (giving you some months grace) the power problems and constant outages will be fixed? The darkness we see today we shall see no more, abi?‪#‎ndionechance!


Ozi Okoli – Honestly, if Babatunde Raji Fashola cannot fix the power sector of Nigeria, let him hands off and stay with housing. This power outage is killing and against the ethics of CHANGE.




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