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Kachikwu’s litany of excuses fails to amuse Nigerians

The minister of state for Petroleum Resources, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu is suffering from ‘excusitis’, an advanced imaginary ailment which makes its sufferer invent one excuse after the other for  non-performance and ineptitude.

Ever since he was made a minister, the technocrat had amused Nigerians with many tales about petrol scarcity and long queues. From sabotage to diversion of products, refineries not working to shortage of dollars, Kachikwu knows how to skirt the issue.

And Nigerians are no longer amused as businesses are collapsing and happiness eroded with scarcity and high prices…


Alaowei Ebikonbowei ClericKachukwu is one inconsistent man I have ever seen. Only this fickle man will say one thing today and come up to either deny what he said or say another thing. How can we believe him that fuel will be available next week when he earlier said we should be on fuel queue till May this year?
Anyway, why are we even blaming the incompetent Minister for State instead of the Petroleum Minister. Does he immune from blame? Buhari should to take all the blame as the Petroleum Minister. I hope it was not Jonathan Government that caused this re-occurring fuel scarcity?


Aminu SurajudeenI hope the game blame would stop one day.

Dr. Kachikwu, this is not a tenable reason why we should not have fuel supply in Nigeria.

Government has all resources to deal with this and other lingering and festering problems. There are sharp practices in other countries where things work but they deal with them and sanctions the offenders.

How many people are being prosecuted for fuel diversion despite having statistics on the magnitude of such economic sabotage?

Fuel diversion has been with us for years and we expect a change driven government to change this and other nasty situations that have characterised our country.

Enough of complaints and game blame.

The continued diversion of fuel amidst the many check points across the country also suggests failure of our security system and indicates we have not witnessed change in this area.

While I agree with d minister on citizen involvement with the policing of tankers, I am of the view that the filling stations and depots that are potential beneficiaries of diverted fuel should have a duty to report none delivery of expected consignment.

I wonder why diversion should be a reason fuel crisis should persist.

Are will serious in this country at all?

Akinbode Okunola
– Still the blame game. Was this not the reason you and your party called Jonathan clueless?

Kachikwu blames fuel crisis on diversion to Cameroon, Chad. So APC can give excuses for failure? I thought Jonathan was the problem. He should have done this, he should have done that, without necessarily proffering an alternative idea.

Ikechi Ayo Iroche
– Kachikwu blames fuel crises on diversion to Cameroon, Chad

For Christ sake, when will this blame game stop? Government should be ashamed of these kinds of comments. Means that government is not in control, with the porous borders. Nigerians are tired of these kinds of stories. Please wake up or quit.


Bello Isiaka – We are not interested in blame game, we need the govt to fix the fuel scarcity and light and water and so on.No more excuses.


Golden Samuel – Really? I thought ‪#‎Kachikwu is the petroleum minister!  The blaming game kontinu.

Uche Promise
APC government is a blame game government who has no answer to the numerous challenges staring them in face. How will they keep on blaming without solutions? Come up with answers, people are suffering. You are eating the taxpayers money, solving your problems so don’t know what others are facing.


Ukpabang PalaceOh, really? So, Tinubu should be applauded and Kachikwu castigated? Well, I think some dumb ass gullible Nigerians should know that Kachikwuhas exceeded the limit to which he was expected to cover up APC’s incompetence and is now tired – and rightly so.
I equally understand that Abraham left his kindred and that was counted for him as righteousness. So, if Tinubu is dreaming of such accolades, he’s misfired. For crying out loud, we have a minister in charge – Kachikwuis only the minister for state.
Was Kachikwu the problem when the APC in their NEC meeting voted for Buhari’s second term instead of proffering solution to the economic situation facing the country. The only thing we know about this government is propaganda, deceit and blame game. But let me point out that from history Buhari has never done anything for Nigeria. He’s never built roads, hospitals, institutions etc.
APC must be made to understand that it is criminal to attack those who did ‘wrong’ when they are yet to do the right thing.


Jaleel Hyacinth O MathiasI wan do, I wan do!!.Nigerians demand action not stories. President Buhari & Mr. Kachikwu should put fuel back in the fuel stations & address the issues in the Petroleum sector. We wont settle for these blame games, excuses & sentiments.


Tonbara Okoya – The blame game on fuel scarcity : Lai Muhammed blame it on former President Goodluck Jonathan. Ibe Kachikwu blame it on Citizens. Citizens blame it on President Buhari. They say “The voice of the people is the voice of God”.


Lorenzo Cornelius Uchenna – So now it’s Kachikwu’s turn to be hung? Hmmm,I guess his value has been fully tapped and now the blame game commences.

Olubiyo Joseph
– FUNNY!!! Government Blame Game led by PMB. Power failure, blame VANDALS. Boko Haram insurgency, blame PDP, Economic crunch, blame GEJ. Scarcity of PMS, blame Kachikwu. Hardship, blame Nigerians bcos they are criminals. Kidnapping, blame the masses. Killings by Fulani herdsmen, blame Farmers. High rate of divorce, blame women’s lack of humility. APC’s failure to keep to its campaign promises,blame PDP. One year without a single achievement, blame corruption. Non- functioning of refineries,blame militants.Inconclusive elections,blame D Opposition party. Rerun/ rerun, blame thugs. PMB’s constant oversea trips,blame——————?

Stella Njideka Ezeh
Ibe Kachikwu apologizes to Nigerians over lingering fuel scarcity…- apology is our name now. Fashola apologized for blackout, lie Mohammed, apologized for fake promises, & now this? We are waiting for more, from blame game to apologies toh!

Minister of state for Petroleum Resources and Group Managing Director of NNPC, Ibe Kachikwu, took to his twitter handle to apologize to Nigerians over the lingering fuel scarcity. He also assured that the fuel situation will soon be allayed.

Muhammad Sani
– The Senate yesterday summoned the Minister of State for Petroleum, Ibe Kachikwu, over the scarcity of petrol in the country.
Kachikwu who is also the Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) is expected to appear before the committee on Petroleum (Downstream) today.

The chairman, Senate Committee on Petroleum (Downstream), Senator Jibrin Barau (APC, Kano North) disclosed the invitation after inspecting petrol stations in Abuja yesterday.
He said they cut short their Easter break following the outcry over scarcity of the commodity across the country
Expressing concern over the lingering scarcity, Barau who led members of his committee, said the senate would take a decision on the matter after Kachikwu’s appearance.
“The head of the Ministry of Petroleum is Mr. President. We will hear from Kachikwu before we take a decision on it.
As I said earlier, anything to do with the petroleum ministry, we have to be careful because the president is the minister, “he said.
He said after appearing before the committee, the petroleum minister would meet with the senate president.
Also speaking, Senator Philip Aduda (PDP, FCT) challenged the federal government to end the fuel scarcity.
“The APC government must ensure that fuel is available for all. Let the APC continue to blame themselves, we must ensure that we find a solution to this problem. Enough of all the blame games,” he said.
There was a mild drama during the inspection of the petrol stations as black marketers besieged the lawmakers.
The black marketers mistook the lawmakers for prospective customers when they alighted from their exotic cars.
Speaking to the senators, a black marketer, Dahiru Sale, said they were getting their supply from filling stations at N150 per litre.
“ This is why 10 litres goes for N2,500 because, we must make profit, “he told the lawmakers.


Danny Nnanta – An action man comes to governance, less than 24hrs of his appointment, Dr. Kachikwu has carried out far reaching restructuring of the corporation. A man who is not ready to play any blame game on the altar of lamentations. He is not like those who hit the ground and refused to start running. ‪#‎hitthegroundrunning



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