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‘I don’t want to rush in and out of marriage,’ says Eniola Badmus

ENIOLA Badmus, popularly known as Gbogbo Bigz Girlz from the flick, Jenifa, speaks on marriage and sundry issues in an interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Wednesday, July 24, 2013, in Lekki, Lagos.

What is happening to your career at the moment?

emiola 1-Fullscreen capture 9102015 25117 PMMy career has been wonderful.  It’s been good.  I have been trying to do a crossover movie apart from the regular Yoruba movies.  I have been doing a whole lot of anchoring events too.

You are going into events?

Yes, obviously.  There is money there. I have been anchoring shows.

Any prominent role after Jenifa?

There’s Blackberry Babes.

I mean Yoruba?

I have done Omo Ghetto, that’s a massive one too.  A whole lot of it and there’s one that just came out not quite long, a lot more.

Do you enjoy featuring more in English or Yoruba movies?

There’s no point because to me acting is acting.  Anywhere I find myself I do my thing very well.  So, I don’t see any difference between acting in English and Yoruba movies.

How do you cope with other characters you acted with in Blackberry Babes?

I am an extrovert, I mix up easily and I don’t see language as a barrier, inasmuch as we can communicate very well.  There are some regular people one can relate with.

How were you coping with your friends when you started acting?

I am a lady of my own wish and opinion.  What people say about me doesn’t move me.  I don’t care, that’s Eniola Badmus for you.  I don’t even listen to some things.  If I have haters, I don’t even know because I don’t see them.  So, I am just me. If you can’t cope with me, then keep your distance.

What is your view about the Nigerian movie industry? Some people have assessed it as dwindling, would you agree with that?

It is not, why will it be going down, we have improved.  You cannot tell me that the production you watched seven years ago is still the same.  We have improved the technicality and storyline, it is excellent.

What is your view about the N3 billion intervention fund from Mr. President?

Who am I?  I am still a baby in the industry.  Although, I have been around for quite sometime, I know there is hope.  Someday, they will remember people like us.  I believe the money will be used properly.

What do you think about the dichotomy between Yoruba and English genres?

I just think Yoruba movies are more difficult and the technicality is better.  Even in English movies, they are also trying.  It all depends on the movie you’re doing.  Movies are either low, average or high budget.  But it’s been wonderful.

Do you think the audience learns more from Yoruba movies?

I am not in the heart of people and I can’t speak for them because what I like, they might not like it but both are wonderful.

Despite the public impression that acting is no longer lucrative, yet some of you cruise around in exotic cars, live in mansions and travel abroad often, what is the secret?

I don’t know but we are trying, but I must say there is not much money in it unlike the music industry.  For example, check out how much Wizkid charges for a show, even Davido, Olamide and others. It is not what we collect for one movie.  I don’t want to mention names but none of us can boast of collecting anything close to that in a movie, even the so-called top artistes among us. It is just far better but we don’t get as much money as that, which should be addressed.

There has been rumours that you’re set to marry your…

(Cuts in) Please, I should have told you I don’t want to talk about marriage.  It is my life, it is whenever I like.  I am sick and tired of granting such interviews.  What is the point if I marry today and tomorrow, it’s over.  So, what’s the essence?  I am living my life, I will have a baby when necessary.  Marriage is good but the point is, what is the essence of me getting married today and tomorrow I am not in it.  For any man I am going to marry or call my husband, we should be together like five years before we walk down the altar.  We may have children but at least, after five years I will know you’re ready for me.  Not getting married today and tomorrow he’s out.  I don’t want to go through that trauma.

There have also been rumours that your lover bought a mansion for you in Lekki, Lagos.  Is it true?

(Laughs) Which house?  I pray o.

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, July 30, 2013



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