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Why I cried when I was crowned Miss Nigeria” – Akudo Ezinne Anyaoha

Weeks after being crowned Miss Nigeria at the beauty pageant organised by Daily Times Nigeria at Intercontinental Hotel, Lagos, Akudo Ezinne Anyaoha is still in dreamland. Not knowing she could get this far in the pageant, the 23 year old Abia State University Law graduate wept when she was announced the winner of the coveted crown and going by her acceptance from people around, there is no doubt judges at the event that night chose the right person to wear the crown.

Miss Akudo Ezinne Anyaoha, who hails from Owerri, Imo State shares her dreams and ambitions with ENCOMIUM Weekly.

Have you ever wanted to be a beauty queen?

1-Fullscreen capture 9102015 44938 PMNo, being a beauty queen has not been a dream for me. I have always dreamt of being a TV personality and I still want to be someday.

Being your first shot at pageantry, who encouraged you that you could make it in that sector?

Before I applied for the contest, I talked to some people that I felt would be honest with me and everyone believed I had a great chance, so I went ahead and entered for it.

What were your childhood dreams and aspirations?

I have always wanted to be a TV personality and host my own show.

Where does this your pretty face come from?

I am from Arondizuogu, Ideato North Local Government Area, Imo State.

What has really changed about you since you were crowned Miss Nigeria?

Nothing has really changed. I am still the Ezinne everyone knows and I don’t feel any different.  I’m still me.

What are the habits you are going to drop by virtue of your new status as Miss Nigeria?

I do not have habits that don’t conform with my new status as Miss Nigeria and so there is nothing to drop.

By now many people would want to be your friend, how do you handle that?

Such things are normal and God will grant me the wisdom to handle everyone.

Which particular project are you going to embark upon and how do you intend to go about it?

We are going to campaign against sexual violence and sensitize people on how to say no sexual violence as well as assist victims.

Who among others do you think could have won the crown?

Every other lady had a great chance, so I can’t point out one person in particular.

You cried when you were crowned that night, what was really on your mind?

Tears only came to my eyes when I saw my mom and my brother. They were so excited and the fact that I made my family proud that night put me in an emotional state.

In your opinion, what makes a beautiful woman?

A beautiful woman is the woman that has character. She is a woman of virtue and integrity. She is a woman that understands that a pretty face should only be 20 percent of what makes you attractive.

Do you think coming from a family of four is an advantage for you, being that there are lesser siblings and your parents will be able to cater for your needs properly?

I wouldn’t know. My parents are very hardworking, even if I had more siblings, they would still try to make everyone comfortable.

Your mother is a teacher, what does your father do?

My father is a civil servant and he works in one of the ministries in Imo State.

What is your favourite colour?

My favourite colour is black.

What turns you on and off?

I like honest people, people who are real and not full of pride and I hate embarrassment.

There is no doubt the number of men that will want to make advances at you will increase, how are you going to handle that?

Men will always make advances but I know what I want and I will go for it.


  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, July 23, 2013




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