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‘Don’t make sex a bait for movie role’ -Actress YETUNDE OLUWOLE pleads

YETUNDE Oluwole Rachael is one of the promising actresses producers are willing to have in their movies. She is also a producer, model and business lady. She is working on a movie that promises to be a blockbuster.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with her about this and much more.


How did you start acting?

I started acting in 2007. I got into the movie industry through my friend, Taiwo and Kenny Ogunbiyi. They introduced me to Bakky Adeoye. I started going for auditioning and I have acted in a couple of movies.

What informed acting?

I love acting, it is something I desire. Right from childhood, I used to admire actors and actresses. So, when the opportunity came, I grabbed it. Acting for me is a passion.

You took a break back in 2011?

I was not around. I travelled to South Africa. I came back in 2012 and travelled again. I came back when I lost my father a couple of months ago.

Was your trip to South Africa career related or what?

Yes, though not my acting career. I am also into business. I sell clothes, shoes and accessories. When I started acting, it was quite tough. I had to look for another means of survival, that is why I ventured into business.

Why did you pitch your tent in the Yoruba genre?

I got into the industry through that genre. The person that introduced me to the industry was in the Yoruba genre before she left to take up a regular work.

What is your unique selling point?

I am quite different. I don’t go to locations anyhow. I believe you must be invited by a producer before going to location, if not, they will demand more than necessary from you. I also have what it takes. I don’t have academic acting background but I can stand at par with any big name out there. I have a lot to give to the industry. I want to give back to the society. I have a bit of exposure as a result of my travels. I believe I have what it takes to move the industry forward.

Tell us some of the movies you have featured?

Ero mi by Iyabo Ojo, Omo olowo to baje, produed by S. A. Adewale, Iranse esu produced by Bakky Adeoye, Baba Blue, Ako Ife, Jeje mi and others.

We learnt you are also a producer?

Yes, I am. I am a script writer as well. I produced a movie in 2010. It is entitled Jeje mi. I had the likes of Oga Bello, Remi Surutu, Muka Ray, Mercy Aigbe and a host of others.

It is widely believed that you have to belong to a caucus as an actress, which one do you belong?

I know it is expected of me to belong to a caucus, it is really common in the Yoruba genre but I don’t believe in that. I believe in acquisition of knowledge to hone your skills. I have it in my plan to attend New York Academy to brush up my producing skills.

What are some of the challenges peculiar to your profession?

You have to date certain people to enjoy good treatment during production. If you don’t date them, they won’t give you good accommodation and cater for you when you are shooting. Some even lobby for roles. I believe your talent should make room for you.

When I produced my movie, I treated the cast well, good accommodation, good food, nice treatment. I was once invited to take up a role, when I got there, I was told they had given it to another person. Eventually, I got to know that the person that took my role was a friend of mine. I had to ask her why she was given the role. She told me she was dating the producer. I had to go back home. Things like this discourage a lot of up and coming actresses. A lot of them do it unwillingly and end up regretting it. I believe if they want to date, it should be done honourably. Approach the girl, if she accepts, fine. If not, fine. Don’t make sex a bait for movie roles. I had to go into business and modelling to keep body and soul together.

We learnt you are working on a new movie, tell us about it?

The title of the movie is Key to my success. It is a true life story. It is in fact, my true life story. It is basically about girl-child education. I will like to use up and coming acts. It is an opportunity for them to showcase their talent. Most of them are good, they just need a chance. By God’s grace, we are shooting early next year. I believe the movie will be a blockbuster for the year. God will help us. We have approached some people for sponsorship. It is a movie to watch out for.




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