Ebola scare! FG’s postponement of school resumption applauded (2)

The federal government’s recent directive cancelling summer schools and extending school resumption by a month has been applauded by Nigerians, despite serious concerns being raised by some stakeholders. Commenting on the school resumption extension, almost all our respondents agreed that students staying off schools to check the spread of the deadly Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) was in the best interest of parents and the nation at large.
It would be recalled that secondary and primary schools scheduled to resume on Monday, September 15, 2014, would now commence a new academic session on Monday, September 22, 2014, so that the deadly EVD won’t affect students.

‘It’s a welcome development’
It’s good to postpone school resumption at least for now. It’s in our best interest. I can’t take chances so I keep steady eyes on my wards and children. For now, I ensure basic hygiene is maintained at home to free them from germs.

‘I wash my kids’ hands regularly’
I think the Federal Government’s move is in order because of the spread of Ebola. It would be tragic to expose our kids.
On what I’m doing to save them from Ebola, we now use hand sanitizers. I make sure they regularly wash their hands.

‘The best is to wait till the situation is addressed’
The extension of school resumption by a month because of Ebola virus is a welcome decision and I believe it should be applauded by every right thinking parent. I can’t take that risk of leaving my children in the care of any school now because there is no way such children can enjoy adequate protection. Everybody is confused.
Then, not to complicate the fear one is already nursing, the best is to wait till the situation is addressed. For now, we all use sanitizer at least three times in a day, while we are also being prayerful.

‘The decision is in the right direction’
Left to me, one month extension is not even enough. If the government says schools should not resume till the end of this year, I will still support it. So, the decision is in the right direction. Even before the issue of Ebola virus, we have been using sanitizer and a lot of disinfectant in the toilet bathroom and everywhere to ensure the environment is always good enough to live in.
But now, we have doubled that. In addition, we have restricted the children’s movement. They don’t go outside the gate to interact with anybody again. We have employed a lesson teacher, attending to them every day.

‘I feel they have taken the right step…’
I feel they have taken the right step because infected parents can easily transmit it to their children, they definitely will interact with their peers before you know it, they will have body contact, not just with one or two children but as many as possible, and it can easily be contacted by either their parents or relative they are staying with. So I think it is better for the government to take care of the situation before the children resume.
l believe they are safe at home, I also ensure they wash their hands frequently.

‘Being at home, ensure better personal hygiene’
As we speak, my kids are at home for this cause which I believe is a good thing because a stitch in time saves nine. Rallies should be postponed. Being at home, ensure better personal hygiene.

‘It will help to curb the spread among children’
It is a welcome decision. It will help to curb the spread among children.

‘Honestly it is a good idea to help prevent our kids from getting infected’
Honestly, it is a good idea to help prevent our kids from getting infected with this deadly disease, children play with sand and other means which the virus could be contacted. They don’t know anything so, I think the state and Federal Government have done a good thing by postponing resumption date to protect our children.

‘And the safety of our kids is paramount’
I quite agree with the postponement because the government is not serious enough about curtailing the virus. And the safety of our kids is paramount.
Since school lessons have been cancelled too, I engage the service of a private teacher for my two kids.

‘This will help safeguard our kids from the dreaded disease’
Although it’s regrettable because it will disrupt school calendar, I quite agree with the postponement.
This will help safeguard our kids from the dreaded disease. I simply got the textbooks needed for their class and organized home tutorials for him.

‘They don’t want the kids or students to be at risk’
I think it’s a good decision to have extended the date of resumption, because looking at what is happening around us, I believe the Federal Government is trying to look into what and what can be done in solving the problem, so they don’t want the kids or students to be at risk.
I believe it’s a good decision taken by the federal government and again on my own part I make sure my surroundings are clean, washing hands regularly and still praying to God that Ebola or whatsoever will never come to my dwelling.

‘This is a good decision by the Federal Government’
This is a good decision by the Federal Government because the rate at which Ebola is spreading in our country is on a high side, so, to avoid this Ebola menace on our children, I think they reasoned well by elongating the date of resumption of students.

‘I would rather have my children at home for one year…’
I think it is for the safety of the children, but now that they are trying to review the resumption order it is also a welcome development. I would rather have my children at home for one year, keep them safe than expose them to Ebola.
Ebola thrives in a dirty environment, I make sure the children are clean and neat all the time.

‘I am not in total support of closing down schools’
I am not in total support of closing down schools because everyday people gather in churches, mosques, offices, seminars, conferences. Thank God they want to review the resumption date at least the children will not just be playing at home.
I have educated them on the virus and they know what it is all about. They should just be cautious of who they play with.

‘It is a good thing’
For me, it is a good thing for the Federal Government to come up with something like that but they did not put into consideration private school owners who run the schools themselves as they will be faced with staff salaries.
I am a mother and also a principal of a school. All I tell them is to make sure they are clean at all times, ensure they wash their hands if they touch anything or not. I also get the hand sanitizers.

‘I agree with their decision…’
I agree with their decision because it is for the safety of the kids who do not really know their left from their right. The ministry should go round schools and sanitize the teachers, ensuring that each school has bowl of water in each class for the kids to wash their hands and a jar of sanitizer.
In my own way, I educate them on personal hygiene and encourage them to wash their hands regularly with soap and water.



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