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THERE is something very likeable about Eku Edewor. Slim, tall and beautiful, the young co-host of the increasingly popular Studio 53 is quirky, down to earth, but then also has a kind of old school approach to fashion, even though she’s just in her very early twenties.  Eku recently shared her fashion and beauty secrets and how she survives the klieg lights…

elite-eku-edewor1What are three beauty/makeup items that you can’t do without?  And why?

Mascara, mascara…I like all kinds of mascara and I use more than one at once because I like to build up the thickness…I like Dior’s Darkest Black.  I also like YSL. I like building it up in layers, I like the eyes to be a focus in my makeup.  Another thing I can’t do without is sunscreen. I use one from the Philosophy range. I definitely can’t do without sunscreen on the face and the one I use as 30 SPF.  I also can’t do without my tinted moisturizer. I use one from Becca.  In this climate, I use the lighter non-greasy one. I do like the MAC face and body makeup which I use occasionally too.

What is the best single piece of beauty advice that you have ever got, and that you live by?

I’ve learnt from my mom that you have to keep things simple.  You can incorporate things as you get along and get older, but for now, I do try and keep things simple. I also learnt from her to invest in your skin and wash your face morning and night.  I like to use wipes. I have sensitive skin anyway, so I really can’t go about using everything.

What is your skincare regime?  What do you do for your skin from the minute you wake up till you go to bed?

I tend to use mostly Philosophy products in the morning. I use a daily exfoliant that is very mild.  I use Philosophy Micro-exfoliant.  The moisturizer I use is a retinol-vitamin, a cream again from Philosophy. I tend to stick to one brand, although the eye cream I use is by L’Oreal; it’s a classic eye cream. I always keep it in the fridge because when it’s cold, it works even better at calm and brings down any puffiness.  At night, I wash with a mild cleanser by Vichy.  I don’t exfoliate. I do a Clarins face mask once a week at home and I take a Dermologica Multivitamin.

Eku Edewor What makeup brands do you like and use and why?

I like MAC lipstick. I like strong bold colours, so I have classic reds, orange toned ones, colours like hot pink. I like NARS and Sleek eye shadows.  I use Becca tinted moisturizer as I said before.  And I use NARS bronzer, I like it because it’s not orangey, its more natural, like a golden hue. I also use liquid liner by MAC.

What’s your skin type?  (Dry, oil, combi, normal).  What are particular challenges you face because of this?

I have combination skin, so the T-zone does get a bit oily.  The challenge is getting the balance and getting your skin to look dewy and not over moisturizing it, so I try to use light products good for sensitive skins.

Do you have facials and how often do you have them?

I have facials every couple of months at the Strand on Victoria Island.  I do the white facial.  But also like having facials at home, doing my own thing.

What’s the weirdest thing you ever done for beauty?

Ha!  I can remember well. I must have been about 18 then.  You know those thick fluffy furry ski boots that were all the rage at one time?  Like Uggs…I got a pair and was determined to wear them…I wore them with a denim skirt and I wasn’t even cold.  I must have looked really funny.

How do you keep your body looking good?

I do basic things, I drink a lot of water.  Water is important and you don’t want to be dehydrated.  I try to eat fruits and vegetables every day, especially fruits in the morning.  Luckily, I like fruits, so I tend to eat an apple, a mango, or pear…I like all fruits and you know what they say –an apple a day.

Eku EdeworDo you go to the gym?  Do you diet?

I do go to the gym; I go to one near my house which is in Roxy Hotel, Apapa. When I am not working because I move around a lot, I try to go maybe once or twice a week.  But to be honest, running around I do while I work is exercise in itself.  I don’t diet.  I’m really naturally skinny.  Having said that, I can get fat very easily if I sit at home for many months and did nothing.  I have a high metabolism and I’m quite busy anyway.  I don’t pig out, and I’m not really a chocolate or sweets person. I will have them from time to time, but I am more of a cake person and a savoury person.

What’s your dress size?

I am a UK size 8.

How do you relax?

For me, I like a good read.  I really like true life stories.  I like classic books and humorous books’ allegories of life. I love books like Pride and Prejudice and I like romances like Romeo and Juliet.  Right now, I’m reading White Teeth by Daley Smith.

What do you do to pamper yourself?

I love spas.  If I had a really long holiday and the money I would love to just visit all the top ten spas in the world and just enjoy myself.  As it is, I always seem to be on the run, in a hurry.  But I do go to the Nail Studio, and there’s a good spa at the Four Points, the new hotel on Victoria Island. I find that relaxing.  I go to the Strand for waxing, which funnily enough I find relaxing too.  I like getting my hair done, a lady, Joyce does my hair at Imagine Hair in Ikoyi and I also go to Avendale on Marine Road, closer to home.

Eku Edewore (4)How would you describe your style?

I would say my style is eclectic.  I like a mix of things. I do try to mix, I like classic things, but I like to have fun with my clothes.

Favourite perfume?

I like Vera Wang.  But I do tend also to mix different fragrances.

Favourite colour?

Red. I like red because it’s so strong, vibrant and alive.

Are you a lipstick or lip gloss girl?  Why?

Definitely, a lipstick girl.  I just like the old school glamour of a lipstick.  It’s glamorous and bold and I think it brings out your personality and makes a statement.

What things do you like doing to your hair?  Why?

I’ve done so many things to my hair…I have been blond and then dark and even red.  I have used extensions, but my hair is actually quite good.  But I do like change, I think it’s the Sagittarius in me. At the moment, it’s below shoulder length and I am considering red, not Rihanna red, but something more subtle, a natural red.

1-Eku Edewor (6)Do you do braids?

No, I’m just used to my natural hair.

What’s the favourite article in your wardrobe?

I think my vintage dresses. Some of them are such beautiful works of art and I actually hang them like works of art.  I have a dress by Harvey Amos, he was once the queen’s dress maker.  It’s a 40s prom style classic and hand stitched.  I got it from a vintage specialty shop in Primrose Hill.  It’s just really beautiful and I haven’t ever worn it…I’m waiting for the absolutely amazing black tie event to wear it and do it justice.

What’s the most expensive thing in your wardrobe?

A silk half length black chiffon dress with multi coloured draping by Marc Jacobs.  I also have a beautiful winter coat by a French designer haute couture, Alaisa.  It’s a waisted coat, very beautiful.  It was a present from my step dad.  Very dramatic and a statement wearing coat.  I’ve worn it only once, to the New York Fashion Week.  Very appropriate.

What’s your fashion fetish? Shoes, bags, perfumes, jeans, what?  Why?

I absolutely love T-shirts.  I collect them. I just love fine quality of a luxury T-shirt or tank top in a casual look.  I like Marc Jacobs tees…I wish I could afford them because they are very expensive.  I like Alexander Wang, Moschino.  I like T-shirts in chiffon, jersey, just detailing and quality. I like finding unique T-shirts in little boutiques. I also have lots of basic coloured T-shirts, black, white and grey.  I’d say I have close to 50 T-shirts, but I really don’t wear all of them.  I’d say I probably wear about 20 of them…I love statement shoes as well, really interesting shoes.  And I like blazers.

Eku Edewor (1)What will you NOT be caught dead wearing?  Why?

Definitely, inappropriate wearing of things like wellington boots.  It just seems so phony and out of context.  You are supposed to wear those rubber boots in a muddy field, like a rock concert.  But I really wouldn’t ever wear them as fashion garment.  You would never catch me wearing something that exposes my midriff, my belly button or too much skin. I don’t mind a backless dress, but cleavage for me is a no, no.  And you won’t catch me wearing a belly ring.

Who is your fashion icon?  Why?

I really like what Marc Jacobs stands for in fashion.  I like his vision.  I like my mother’s (Juliana Edewor) sense of style.  I liked Audrey Hepburn’s classic style.  My style is ever changing, but I wouldn’t necessarily say I am a fashionista or die hard trend follower.

Who is your favourite designer and why?

I like quite a few designers.  In Nigeria, I like Jewel by Lisa, Tiffany Amber and her long and drapery clothings. I like Deola Sagoe and I love Bridgette Awosika.  For the foreign designers, there are so many I like –Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, of course, Miu Miu, Prada, Jean Paul Gaultier.  I like the drama of his clothes, the texture and form.  I like DSC_0200mixing patterns and textures.

Is plastic surgery ever an option for you?  Why or why not?

Plastic surgery is not an option; I don’t like the look of older women who look tight and artificial.  I think there is something to be said about growing old gracefully.  I think older women actually look prettier than a woman of the same age range who has done surgery.  There is something disconcerting about it and you can almost always tell. I think if I altered anything on my face, I would feel odd.  I think we should learn to embrace what we have.







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