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Toju Foyeh, Eku Edewor, Noble Igwe, Ijeoma Ndeku gather as L’espace hosts Lagos’s Biggest Style Summit at SMW Lagos

L’Espace held its first annual Style Summit at their Victoria Island  flagship on Thursday March 26, 2015 inviting startups owners,  entrepreneurs and individuals from the worlds of fashion retail and  technology to share their thoughts on such things as how fashion houses  and retail chains are utilizing nascent technologies.

Attendees also explored the relationships between online and offline and  how brands can exploit different mediums to grow their brands, as well  as highlighting the way brands are using media and technology in the  social media era.

The #SMWLESPACESTYLESUMMIT had a series of panel discussions on topical

issues in fashion; it connected decision-makers in Fashion, Beauty and  Retail with fashion students, enthusiasts and emerging brands.

Co-Founder of L’espace, Wonu Okoye stated that “the mission behind the  series was to expose the fashion community to fresh ideas, demystify and  highlight social media use in fashion and to also foster creative  partnerships between startups, designers, retailers and media  professionals in an interactive format.”

On the success and future of the Summit, Co-Founder Isoken Ogiemwonyi  stated “Whilst the challenges facing our industry seem insurmountable,  discussions like this show us there is hope and we believe that  fostering discussion, raising awareness and sharing knowledge will  inevitably lead to mutual growth opportunities, an improved resource  pool and innovative solutions for the fashion industry and eventually,  our economy. We aim to do this at least once a year going forward.”

The speakers at the Summit included, LE Retail’s Lola Emeruwa (her  retail experience includes Kering, LVMH and Richmond Group), Hugo Boss’s  brand manager, Oyinda Oshinbolu; Google.com analytical lead; Tolu  Akinyele; This Day Style’s assistant editor Funke Babs Kufeji; and Liz  Awoliyi, the Online Manager for Genevieve Magazine. And for them, social  media is a burgeoning opportunity not yet fully leveraged by brands and the media..

Also emphasising on the point that Celebrity certainly sells, especially  with the near anonymity of the online space. Liz Awoliyi, the Online  Manager for Genevieve Magazine says “there’s an insatiable thirst for  celebrity news and people want to read and see what celebrities are  wearing or doing. Articles with celebrity names tagged usually gets more hits than the regular articles, with people tilting towards the more  sensational headings such as “who wore it better, worst dressed list and  so on.”



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