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Entertainers Rally Support For Colleagues In Politics (2)

Nigerians entertainers are giving total support to their colleagues who recently joined politics. Arguing they have the capacity to make the difference, the few ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with, however, said they are not yet ready to mount the soap box…


‘They should be given a chance’ -BIOLA BASHORUN

I don’t see anything wrong in them going into politics, I think the youth should be given a chance too. No, I don’t.


‘I hope they do it right’ -MC ICE MICAH ARUOCHA

My fear is that they going in to make a change or to join and take their share of the national cake. Most of them, in fact, all of the ones I have spoken to keep saying it is for the right reason, change! I want to believe so too against the backdrop that is what the conventional politicians also say. I hope they do it right so more of us will be taken serious by 2019.

God holds the ace! For me, I prefer a political appointment but if God decides otherwise, who am I to decline?


‘It’s a good thing’ -PRINCESS ENE

It’s a good thing so far they have all what it takes to serve the masses. I believe their being in politics can as well change the situation of our industry for the better. We need those that can represent us well, both at lower and higher levels of governance. I can as well give it a shot but not now.


‘It’s a good development’ -KIKELOMO KUOJO

There is nothing wrong in some of our colleagues who are now veering into politics. It’s a good development, and they should be encouraged.

Left to me, I support the idea. I will also join them in the nearest future.


‘We are all political animals’ – FRED AMATA

We are all political animals, but I am not a politician. I am a film maker. Therefore, a social commentator. I bear a view as paradoxical as it is contradictory. On the one hand, there is a depth of value that celebrities bring to the table.

A value developed by the very socio economic factors within the environment from which they emerged. A value made up of certain resilient independence and the confidence of self made assurance. But on the other hand, the nagging question is, are these celebs ever truly passionate about their art or are they merely champions of opportunity, exploring the various scenarios that offer themselves along the corridors of time?


‘We can’t sit back and fold our arms’ -YEMI BLAQ

Any entertainer that wants to go into politics, I think he’s welcome to it because it’s not the preserve of a few people. It is the choice of any individual if you want to serve the people or not. And I’m not quite decided if I’d like to at the moment. The more you learn about it, the more I realize that a lot of people don’t do anything about the state of the nation as it is at the moment. If we all sit back and fold our hands and look at these politicians as if they are people from another planet, then we are never going to grow up. So, if it gets to a certain point that I decide that I’m going to take up the mantle of leadership to serve my people, I think no one can stop me!


‘I am happy for them’ -HARRYSONG

I sincerely do not know what to say because I believe everyone has the free will or freedom to choose which path He/she would love to tread. They have made their choice and I am happy for them.

I am a singer, a song writer and not a politician.


‘It’s a welcomed development’ – JOHN NJAMAH

I have nothing really to say about my colleagues going into politics because it’s a personal decision. But then again, they have the right just like every other person to be administrators. And who knows, maybe the industry will get better representatives in the seat of power. In all, I think it’s a welcome development and about time too. Yes, I do.


‘Nothing is wrong with politics’ -PRESH

Though I’m interested in politics, all my colleagues aspiring for one office or the other, elective or no elective has my support. They should go and represent us.


‘It’s a welcomed development’ -SENATOR

It’s a welcomed development. They are citizens of Nigeria and eligible to vote and be voted for. Even if they no win, na experience e go be for dem. I will leave my political ambition open. As the spirit leads, we go know.


‘It’s a huge step’- FUNNYBONE

It’s a welcomed development. I mean if lawyers and doctors can be politicians why not entertainers. It’s a huge step and they should be supported.

For now, I don’t have any plans. I am from Anambra state and I keep saying it, my state does not recognise entertainers. It’s sad.



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