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Big Brother Africa Hotshots sizzles

The much anticipated reality show in Africa, Big Brother Africa has eventually kicked off. Biggie opened his door to the 26 housemates on Sunday, October 5, 2014.

Gradually, house mates are loosening up and competing for the $300,000 star prize. Here are some of the highlights of the show so far.


The inferno that razed Big Brother Africa’s house did not stop the show from kicking off. It took Biggie three weeks to find another house for the show. Located also in the highbrow of South Africa, the new house speaks of class and elegance decorated in colourful drapes.

Housemates were already camped in South Africa before the fire incident thereby spending a month, living on Big Brother’s bill before the show commenced. Instead of spending 91 days, housemates will now spend a total of 63 days on the show.


Housemates were to show their hot spots at the opening ceremony. Each housemate chose an area of specialty ranging from dancing, singing, poetry recitation, rapping and a host of other activities.

Tanzania’s saxophonist, Laveda won the heart of studio audience and was rated highest. She scored 85 percent. As a result of this, Biggie chose her as the head of the house. She was the only house mate not placed on eviction list in the first week.


Things are getting interesting in Biggie’s house as some house mates are already falling in love.

Namibia’s housemate, Lius at first took a liking for Lilian. Apparently, Lilian seemed not to be interested. So, he decided to pitch his tent at Mozambique’s Mira’s.

The two started with kisses, smooches that ended in spending the night under the duvet together. The cover was moving ferociously and Luis was heard moaning.


It seems Biggies can’t take his eyes off Tanzania’s housemate, Laveda. He seemed to have a crush on her.

He is fond of calling her in a special way to the diary room. In his usual baritone voice, he said: “Biggie does not answer personal questions.”


They are the second couple on Big Brother Africa. They often strolled and held each other at every opportunity. Though Nhlanhla still seemed to be in love with Luis’s girlfriend Mira, Sheillah is trying hard to steal Nhlanhla’s heart as each day rolls out.


Nigeria’s female housemate, Lilian had a crush on Kenya’s Alusa, who got carried away with Lilian’s twerking while partying. However, Lilian kept the spiky haired guy on friend zone when she realized that he has a girlfriend back home.


One of Mozambique’s housemates, Mira has bid farewell to Big Brother Africa Hotshot. She was evicted on Sunday, October 13, 2014. When her name was announced by Biggie she felt no remorse but was rather happy to be leaving the show because she had missed home. In her parting words, she said, she was happy to meet her fellow Mozambique housemate, Trezagah.

Her eviction hit hard at Luis as he wept uncontrollable when he was giving her his last hug. Resa, from Zambia, is also is out of the reality show. The country’s housemate seems to take the news well but it did not go down well with her friend Sipe who immediately wept. The two were evicted because they had the least regional votes.


Macky2 was the only housemate to receive two votes from two countries. Arther, Esther, Nhlanhla, Sipe, Tayo, Butterphly, Trezagah, Sabina, Permithias, M’amBea received one vote each while Resa and Mira received no vote at all.

After the eviction, the remaining housemates were called to nominate a fellow house mate to be put on the eviction list. Nigeria’s male housemates, Tayo, Frankie and JJ had the highest nominations. Tayo was nominated because of his loudness, abrasiveness and distasteful attitude.

Frankie was nominated because he lacks presence while JJ was nominated because he was full of himself with a know it all attitude.



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