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Experts on measures to reduce rape

Over the years, rape has been on the rise, with news filtering the internet and newspapers, especially rape of minors. Lately, it seems that the report of rape has reduced in the past few months.

Rape is when someone is sexually violated without consent, or with the use of physical force, coercion, deception, threat and or when the victim is mentally incapacitated or impaired, asleep or unconscious or underaged.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with Joy Onoriose, a counselor at the Mirabel Centre, the only sexual assault referral centre in Lagos, in the premises of the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, Lagos.

She said there might not be a rise in rape and what measures to take to prevent rape. We also spoke with the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) Lagos State, Dolapo Badmus (SP) and she also agreed that rape is on the decrease. Medical doctors in Lagos also agreed that there are few rape cases being reported in the hospitals…


‘We need to rise up and say no to rape’-JOY ONORIOSE,  Mirabel Centre

Is it true that rape is on the rise?

1-Joy Onorese IMG-20151010-WA001We may not be able to say categorically that rape is on the increase. This is because before now, there was no substantiated data that gave us figures of rape incidents. Since the inception of the Mirabel Centre, however, data has been generated but we understand that most of the time cases that are reported are a small percentage of the incidents going on out there.

Therefore, what we can assert is that there is more awareness about rape and as such more reporting but we can also say that there is no decrease in rape. The numbers have increased considerable I think there is a lot more awareness in the news, there is a lot of reporting of rape incidences. On our part, we are still very much involved in advocacy and sensitization programmes.

What measures should be taken to help reduce rape?

Let us begin to punish rape offenders. A lot of victims do not get the justice they deserve. And second, we need to rise up as a society to say No to rape and this is beyond paying lip service to the cause. A lot of women out there who do nothing when their daughters are raped by step fathers and parents. Families have been ostracized because they sought justice for their young child.

It is also important we begin to talk to our young boys, because a young boy who has been taught family virtues, respect for boundaries, respect for women and an understanding of consent. A young boy who has not been taught of respect would have no qualms abusing or raping anyone, as a adolescent or adult.


‘We have not recorded any increase in rape’

Dolapo Badmus 1-Fullscreen capture 2272016 43003 PM-PPRO DOLAPO BADMUS

Is it true that there is increase in rape in the last couple of months?

We have not recorded any increase in rape. It has really gone down. Police are working day and night to ensure there is safety. That is why we have policemen everywhere.


‘Victims still don’t speak up’  -DR. ALADELOLA

Is it true that rape is on the rise?

I can’t categorically say that rape is on the rise because very few cases have been reported of late and some rape victims still don’t speak up for fear of being victimized or called names.

What measures should be taken to further reduce rape?

We should have more anti-rape seminars and workshops to educate people on the ills of rape, why anyone who is raped should not keep mute about it and also request for stricter punishments for rapists.


‘It’s an evil act’ -DR. MARTINS

Is it true that rape is on the rise?

I can’t say rape is on the rise because we haven’t received or heard of any rape case lately. I personally think it has reduced and people are beginning to understand what rape really is and that it’s an evil act.

What measures should be taken to further reduce rape?

Get people educated on rape, especially the street urchins, and the guys at the bus stop who take all sorts of aphrodisiacs. When some of them take those alcoholic drinks they jump at the first girl they see.

So, I think the seminars on rape should be fierce and taken to slums, public secondary schools and market places.


‘Young men should be taught that no means no’ -DR. ADEOBA

Is it true that rape is on the rise?

In the last few months reports of rape have reduced so much.

What measures should be taken to further reduce rape?

Women and men, both young and old should be taught that rape is not right, that rape is a crime. Young men should be taught that no means no and that there is no excuse for rape or sexual assault. That a woman dresses inappropriately doesn’t mean she should be raped.




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