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How to stop rape

The increasing rate of reported rape cases of minors in Nigeria is becoming a recurring decimal and calls for a drastic solution before it gets out of hand. Studies have shown that seven out of 10 reported cases involve minors, according to Mrs. Joy of Mirabel Centre, Lagos State Teaching Hospitals (LASUTH). So with the forgoing statistics, the crucial questions are: Why are men interested in raping minors and how can men control their sex appetite.
Hauwa Ojiefo, a psychologist who spoke extensively on the topic stated, ”Rape in most cases is not about sexual urge but sexual power, just to establish that they are in control and they can get what they want. It is important to note that rapists are victims themselves. Some of them are unconsciously responding to trauma. Some of them have been sexually abused as well and they couldn’t get over the trauma. Other factors such as illiteracy, poverty also contribute to why men rape minors. Studies have shown that 60 percent of rape are by people who know their victims.”
Stating how men can control themselves, Ojiefo asserted: “It is not so much as control as it is about education and awareness. From my counselling experience with men, some said that they don’t know how to control themselves. Some men don’t even know what rape is all about. Enlightenment would go a long way. It would change their mental programming and social orientation.”
Elaborating on the issue of rise in rape, Hauwa added, “Rape may not be on the rise but awareness about it is on the increase. Rape has always been there. It is just that victims shy away from talking about it, that is why we don’t get to hear about rape before but now, more victims are becoming bold. People are daring the consequences and opening up. The social media has also created a lot of awareness on the subject.”
Corroborating Ojiefo’s statement, Joy of Mirabal Centre, Ikeja , Lagos said “More people are talking out, they don’t shy away from the fact that they were raped, that is why it seems rape is on the rise, it might not really be.’’



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