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Friends, colleagues hail Ali Baba -Immerse him in goodwill


Guests at the birthday soiree including family, friends and colleagues showered encomiums on the birthday boy as they immersed him in blessings…

DSC_0224‘May his light never go dim’ -GBENGA ADEYINKA, foremost comedian

Ali is not just a friend to me now, he’s like a brother. He’s someone I’m not afraid to take advice from because I know whatever he tells me is the truth. I wish him many, many more years in good health. May his light never go dim and may God never stop blessing him.


DSC_0130‘He’s a very selfless person’ -OMONI OBOLI, Nollywood actress

I wish him 50 more years in good health and much more wealth. God will satisfy his heart desires. I honestly can’t remember how long we’ve known each other, but it seems like all my life. I’ve known him for so long that I can’t remember how we met. He’s such a very selfless person.


DSC_0125‘I wish him more successes’ SEYI LAW, comedian

I wish him more great achievements and more successes, I pray that God bless him with longevity to enjoy the fruit of his labour. He has really done a lot for the industry and we truly appreciate him.

I pray that God will keep him and even help him to surpass his own expectations. Ali Baba is a great person, a father to everyone in the industry. We call him the king of comedy and we celebrate him as a father to us all and as a friend and brother. He’s someone we can always talk to.

DSC_0165‘I wish him more blessings from God’ -DJINEE, singer

Uncle Ali is a mentor, he’s someone I look up to and listen to. When I heard about this, I had to make sure I was here. We are celebrating someone who is different, not just someone who is funny, but someone really humble. His humility makes you ask yourself why you may want to have some chip in your shoulders.

I wish him more blessings from God. God will continue to help him and take him further than where he wants to be. God will also continue to connect him with people who will make him better.

DSC_0218‘Ali is a great man’ -SENATOR, comedian

Ali Baba has inspired a lot of us, from the old to the new generation. He lives a very simple life, and a lot of us have learnt from him how to properly present this business in a way that people can have respect for us. Ali is a great man. 50 years is no joke, my brother. It means he is almost as old as Nigeria. I wish him everything a great man at this stage should receive.



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