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King of comedy, Ali Baba rocks @ 50 – ‘I’m grateful to God for keeping him’ –wife, Mary (2)

We also had a chat with his beautiful banker wife of almost 10 years, Mary. She was visibly happy as she spoke to ENCOMIUM Weekly…

How does it feel seeing your husband clock 50 today?

It feels great. I’m grateful to God for keeping him fit, strong and healthy to see this day.

What are you most grateful to God in his life?

For giving him a large and generous heart.

How many years have you been together and how has married life been?

We’ll be 10 next year, so nine years now. It’s been great, a lot of fun. As you know, he’s a funny merchant, so we try and find the funny side in as many situations no matter how bad it seems. We try to make fun out of it

How much of the Ali Baba on stage is replicated in the home?

He’s funny through and through, but not that after performing on stage he comes home and starts cracking jokes. He finds the laugh in every situation.

Considering his busy schedule as an entertainer, how much time does he devote to the home?

Yes, he has a busy schedule but he has his time properly planned out. It’s unlike a 9 to 5 person. To a large extent, he manages his time well. I would say he has a lot more time than I do.

From your years of being together, what would you say he does that has made him achieve this much success?

He’s a giver, and we have a belief in the family that when God blesses you, it’s not for you alone. But also for the betterment of other people. When God blesses you, others should be blessed through you.

What that does is that God continually blesses you knowing that the blessing would reach other people.

What’s your prayer to God for him?

That he will attain many, many more years in good health, joy and laughter. And that the projects he takes up will be actualized. Also, he’ll live to God’s designed old age.

-Interviews by MICHEAL NWOKIKE



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