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Girl would have died in minutes if she drank acid and ethanol

The 11 year old Junior Secondary School 1 student of Lekki British International School would have died in minutes if she had drank the sulphuric acid and ethanol mixture poured in her water bottle.

Unless expert medical attention is available immediately, she stands no chance of survival as panic from the effect of the substances in her internal organs would have led to more confusion.
Those around, unless properly trained, would have compounded her trauma by misapplying antidote.
Sulphuric acid is a corrosive substance which burns on contact with the tongue and internal organs.
And once swallowed, it will damage tissues and cause breathing difficulty, drooling, fever, low blood pressure, vomiting, loss of vision, dizziness and more dangerous symptoms difficult to manage.
For ethanol, depending on the dosage, you get alcohol poisoning.
And the concentration of laboratory ethanol is deadly.
These deadly combination of sulphuric acid and ethanol is lethal!



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