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Outrage greets Evans’ demand for N300 million compensation

Evans, the notorious billionaire kidnapper who has confessed to all sorts of kidnap cases, is suing Nigeria Police for N300 million for illegal detention. He has asked the Police to either charge him to Court or release him on bail.

To this recent development by the kingpin, Nigerians are outraged…


Alebiosu Falilat

It’s not his fault at all. If only the Police had done the needful, he wouldn’t be saying that nonsense. Maybe the Police too were waiting for him to give them bribe so that they can set him free. He should be charged to court as soon as possible. I don’t know the kind of investigation Police is doing all this while, leaving the useless man to wag his mouth anyhow. And it’s when they want to steal that they would be dragging and delaying investigation.


Christopher Rita

That only shows the level of lawlessness in the country. I understand the lawyer is doing his own job, but there are some cases that one would need to thread softly. The punishment should start with the

lawyer that spoke on his behalf. His license should be seized. And as for Evans himself, he should be dealt with thoroughly.


Ajani Morenike

How many months has he spent in the Police custody that he is talking nonsense? What does he now want those that he kept for months to do? And he still collected ransom from them. As a proverb in Yoruba would say, ‘He who kills by sword won’t allow anyone to even take a sword over his head’. His move only shows the kind of animal he is. He is a cruel man who doesn’t want to go through any difficulty but is keen on getting rich at all cost. Even at the expense of other people’s happiness.


Ikubese James

Why won’t he even ask them to set him free as soon as possible? The Police has dragged the issue for too long. This man has been confessing right from day one that he was arrested, yet the Police has not taken him to court. Why are they holding on to him, what is it that they want from him? They should take him to court and let him face the music.


Mrs. Esther Lawal

The so called Evans should be sentenced to death by hanging for making that move. He is a staunch criminal indeed. I suggest he should still be remanded to suffer for what he did.


Christopher Nwodo

Evans has been in the custody of the Police for too long now, he should be granted bail. The Police are seriously dealing with him. His eyes are now bad, worse still he is limping. I acknowledged the development.


Adama Francis

Evans should not be allowed to carry on, this is because it serves him right, what about those he apprehended and kept for so long? He hasn’t stayed up to a month.


Mr. Kola

Evans should be given life imprisonment, even in prison he still wants to be freed. What about those he kidnapped and even killed? He should face what he caused.


Miss Kike

I think Evans should be charged to court, so that at least he will know the next step to follow. Whether death by hanging or bail.


Mrs. Lovelina Oge

He should be sentenced to death by hanging. Evans is a real criminal, as for the lawyer, he should count his tongue with his teeth. I pity him and his family.


Akorede Emmanuel

Evans took the right move, it’s left for the Police to take the next line of action, so he could know his fate. Even if it death, I believe that was why he sued the police and its operatives.


Obasi Chinda

Evans is acting according to instructions from people. He should not be deceived, his end has come. He really needs to be dealt with because he is not worth being forgiven.


– Azeezat Kareem, Shukurat Alimi and Chika Okorie




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