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Here are the signs Evans has money stashed away

Signs that Chukwudumeje Onwuamadike, the notorious kidnapper who terrorized Nigeria for over a decade, has money stashed away are beginning to surface.
With the appearance of his father, Pa Stephen Onwuamadike in Lagos on Wednesday, June 28, and representation by a lawyer (Olukoya Ogungbeje), evidence that some people have access to his spoils are emerging.

Here are the questions to examine:
*Pa Onwuamadike has denied benefiting from his son’s crime, claiming that he neither received N3 million nor two vehicles from him. That he operates a fish and piggery business and struggling to eat.
(a) So, who brought the old man to Lagos from his Umudim base in Nnewi (Anambra state)?
(b) Did he board public transport, was he ferried in a car?
(c) When did he arrive Lagos to depose to the affidavit which he instructed the lawyer to prepare?
(d) Where did he stay in Lagos?

(2) Since all the family members claimed they have not seen Evans in years, and didn’t benefit from his spoils, who is bankrolling this mission?

Suddenly the right to fair hearing, speedy arraignment and trial, and release on bail superceded all the trauma and torments suffered by victims of his decade long fearsome expedition! Not to talk of those injured or killed!
Scores were kidnapped, hundreds robbed… and suddenly the self-confessed felon who made billions from his crime should be treated with full rights?

Observers maintained that some of the money stashed away by the 36 year old father of 5 may be surfacing.

(1) He still wired N20 million to his wife (Uchenna Precious Onwuamadike) in Ghana on Tuesday, June 6.

(2) He was planning to flee the country when he was nabbed on Saturday, June 10.
Money must have been around him or kept by an accomplice.

(3) He operated accounts in four banks, and bank staffers visited him at home as confessed by his 31 year old wife.

So, who’s funding this audacious move to enforce the rights of Chukwudumeje George Onwuamadike?



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