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Here are 7 ways PSquare is destroying their brand

The constant spats among the Okoye brothers – Jude, Peter and Paul – are becoming irritations as the hugely successful music group erodes its brand values.
Going public and dirty is damaging the reputation of PSquare and positioning it as a quarrelsome, ungrateful and unmanageable band in spite of being family.
Their rants and squabbles portray them in bad light as encomium.ng compiles 7 ways they are destroying their hugely successful brand:

1. Are they telling us blood and family mean little?
They are brothers from the same parents. Not step brothers. And Peter and Paul are twins, identical twins! Jude is their older brother.
So, these mean nothing? Can’t they resolve their differences without entertaining us with the dry drama? Don’t they have siblings and family who can restrain them?

2. Don’t they respect anybody, don’t they care about their fans?
Do they realise that fighting dirty means they have no respect for themselves, their families and fans?
Are they telling us that their egos are too gigantic to allow moderation and forbearance?
So, the dollar billionaires – Alhaji Aliko Dangote and Dr. Mike Adenuga, Jnr. – who intervened in previous spat just wasted their time and energy?

3. Are they so intolerant, so unforgiven and rigid?
They cannot negotiate amicable settlement or manage their success? What’s so horrendous that twins, siblings cannot sit down to resolve?
Can they not forgive one another?

4. Why can’t they honour a simple contract penned by Festus Keyamo (SAN)?
What’s so difficult in abiding by the terms of a contract? Are they not siblings? Is the contract not equitable? Was it unfair to one party?

5. Don’t they care about who and what’s destroyed?
Their hugely successful brand is being decimated, they are complaining of threats to life. Don’t they have limits?

6. Why are they not thinking long term?
No matter what it is today, they won’t feel the same next year, in five years and a decade.
So, why the ‘no retreat, no surrender’ stance?

7. Do they realise fame is fleeting, fortunes flee?
That no matter how hugely successful, it’s a matter of time? That no matter how rich, things change?
Can’t they learn from history?



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