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PSquare knocked over video of heated argument

Fans are fed up with the constant threat of split by PSquare. And a video of the Okoye brothers  heated argument in their lawyers office which surfaced in the  morning of Tuesday, September 26, is being knocked by fans.

Here’s the video:

And here are the knocks for Jude, Paul and Peter Okoye:

Gem Charles Ukpong:

If p-square wants to fight again, let them fight.. if I happen to see them fighting physically sef, instead of me to separate them I would go and separate beans…its not that I hate them ooh, but I just don’t like eating stones in my beans…😂


Samuel Olisa Ezifeh:

Some people deserve to stay broke

You guys made a little fortune for yourselves and suddenly, you feel you’re better than the other. Your wives don’t know their jobs, because if they do, whatever issues you guys have wouldn’t have escalated to this

Shame on you Both


Endee Dike:

When you marry foreign and strange wetin you go get… Pls my brothers becareful of the women you keep at home.. Even their mother before she died opposed such union..


Stephen Heavencitizen Dairo:

Jude is a nonentity, Paul is docile, Nobody know Jude until psquare came to limelight, Nobody knows psquare where they resided in Jos until they came to Yoruba land and fortune smile on them, their riches their fame they all made in Yoruba land, but they hate their brother peter just because he married a Yoruba lady, Ungrateful idiots, the most tribalistic set of animals are igbos


Larahover Chi:

Shame on their wives for not being an instrument of peace for these lovely twins, chai!!! I feel terribly bad. I know the power of a woman and with just a snap of finger their wives can settle this matter.

If you’ve not been following the trend before this video (fight) please do thanks!!!


Prince Chukky:

To me am still putting all the blame and hate on Jude their elder brother ..

For God seek he has no reason so be on one side that’s where all the problm lies … he suppose to always be the middle man and there for them both not always supporting Peter..

He’s the 1 cousin all this


Nathan Upgraded:

Their wives has nothing to do with this, their uncle Jude has everything to do with it. He’s taking sides with one when he’s supposed to be the glue bonding the twins since their mother’s demise. It is expected that their wife’s support their hubby, the neutral person is supposed to be Jude but unfortunately he prefers to be electrical, shocking the brand Psquare to death!


Queen Pretty Uwakwe:

Nawa oh

U wan beat me?? Beat me mek I see idiot,,, Peter I said shame on you.. Hahaha mek una kill each other there ohhh😀😀 nobody should separate that fight oh


Jude Obinna:

In African culture when twin brothers fail to settle their quarrel within themselves death settles it for them quickly. I advice my P’square brothers to be extraordinary careful because this is a doomsday ahead of them. Had it been that they’re still poor they won’t be fighting each other but now that they’re fight for personal interest God may take away their honour. Pound in the mutter if you knows how to pound if not pound on the floor. Okwu ebiela


Nonyelum Maureen:

Useless men behaving like children.. how can u fyt with urself. identical twin brodas fyting eachoda. ur parents must be disapointed in u


Daughter Okoro:

Just see how selfishness, pride,envy and greed have taken control of these #bloodbrothers. Quite sad! Satan will always use every means to bring down a family especially with their #weakpoints! Embrace God,d solution isn’t about going apart,launching new songs or pursuing their carriers apart,d problem is that u people started getting money n left God! Engage more in family prayers and fellowships!


Ozoemena Chinenyenwa:

Lord plz come to the rescue of this family…let ur Love hold them strong.. Grant them wisdom to settle their grievance’s and heart to forgive one another. Paul and Peter your brothers for life..Amen!! #One love#


Chisom Blaq Beeuutee Ezekwem:

They all need a lot of growing up to do. No family is perfect but when they publicly do this then they all need help. People think common sense is affiliated to wealth or money. With all their money one would categorically say they all have sense but clearly they don’t. This is what happens when social media is your home. You bring everything on it. Ndi ala. A na eme😒😒😒😒😒


Monsuru Olarinde:

The rich also cry. To me, this shouldn’t happen among them. Religious clerics should have been invited to mediate. It’s painful to see a once beautiful family being torn apart. God will take control.


Razzi Darhmeelarey Chukwudi:

The problem is, I know too much about this fight.. this is how it happened, Peter wife is so jealous of Paul wife for having twins. Some months ago, we were together in the studio recording some shits, i can remember vividly that day.. Peter wife drove to our studio and told Peter to advice Paul and his wife to terminate the pregnancy because she had a dream that the babies would be imbecile, we all thought she was joking cos she can joke ehn.. some days later, she came back to the studio to repeat same thing, I still remember that Paul got angry and moved close to her and whisper into her ear saying.. that he rebuke such speech from Peter wife, Peter got angry and slapped Paul.. I was sitting close to Jude Okoye their elder bro that day.. Jude got angry and asked the lady who happens to be Peter wife to leave immediately, she left.. 4 weeks later, Peter was in the studio for hours and no one noticed.. not knowing that Peter was in the safe room with Paul’s wife, we all heard both of them panting not knowing that The brother was fucking so I told Jude Okoye something.. to tell you the truth I swear I Razzi, i have no idea what I’m talking about. Sorry I wasted much of your time reading this ❤️ if them like make them fight, I can’t wait to lis. ten to more songs from their fans and their yeye act, fans crying ❤️


Kosy Ucheji:

What a shame!! People that aren’t related by blood form groups and handle it properly but here a blood relations trying to kill themselves. Over what?

What examples are you leaving for your kids. And to think their women are by standing and watching them do all these?

Make una continue oo.


Uzowuru Raphael Utd:

I think, their senior brother “Jude” is the cause of all these problems. As a senior brother he is not supposed to take side, he should be a mediator.


Olabode Kofoworola:

As for me I think their brother is d devil between twins I never see identical twin fight each other like dis. Even if dey fight nobody separate or take side else dey join hands together n beat u. My mum is an identical twin and we children don’t dare come between dem. If my mum does anything n we report to her twin sis she will tell us it our fault. So I know how it works Jude here is d devil u don’t take sides dat d law of twins. If not death trolls pls dey must settle if we don’t want any of them to die untimely. And Jude has to let dem be


Samson Peace Amaka:

Mtchewwwwwww. They keep requesting and begging for quarrels just to get cheap attention. I pray God grant them that request so as to feel what quarrel and enmity look like.


Grace Akomaye Ben:

Women are the root of all evil. Am sure their wivies are the curse of all this fight. Fear woman. I be woman too ooo. But some of us are home destroyers. I pray they settle soon. But I can’t stand the shame myself. Maybe their have sold their shame. Make l help them shame small.


Erilim E-Lion:

Peter and Paul should stop deceiving Nigerians, they want to use fighting and quarreling strategy to release another album..



There are two black birds, sitting in the wall, one named Peter, one named Paul oh fly away Peter fly away Paul

Now I know who caused this fighting and reconciliation, it’s their Nursery school teacher, lemme go an’ meet her 🚶🚶🚶


Gwen Eyako:

Hmmmm these guys them no de tire to fight each other or its just acting. I pray its acting cus this is really sooooo sad


Dan Joy:

what a shame!!! I pity the person at fault here 😨😨😨😨😨… God help the and bring peace between both of them


Dotun Dada:

Who are these guys fooling? dis thing na arrangee nau. It is obvious, where is that lady that always cries anytime these guys are fighting, she should come and cry again oo. smh


Doris Agbonifo:

This is so bad for you guy’s Paul and Peter suppose to be one



This is so sad and highly disappointing seeing their brother taking sides in this matter. No matter what may have gone wrong between them, I think Jude should have swallowed all the bitter pills and prevent this ugly drama.


emmany matthew:

I still dont understand why Paul is supporting Jude against his twin. Jude even got up to hit Peter, and some said the genesis of this brouhaha is because Lola ain’t igbo which I find difficult to believe. It sucks if they’re really fighting Peter bcos he’s married to a Yoruba woman, if he likes let him be married to a masquerade, so far he’s happy then you respect that. Oga Jude, peter is not the boy he used to be 15-20yrs ago.


Big Chain:

Fools, money just missed it’s way…



Jude threatened to kill Peter and Paul is supporting him. Mehn dz is so sad. They shud settle dz abeg



But this Mr P nai dey always dey cause their split up why? he is too arrogant and aggressive, why will u tell ur brother say if he come ur house make he bring his coffin come na wa. Ooo


Kenny Ojo:

This is really sad to see brothers are loggerheads like this



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