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‘How long we last in bed?’Nigerian men on bedroom secrets

Sex is considered the major pillar of love and relationship (especially for married couples) and as such, the ability of a man to perform well in bed goes a long way in determining the strength of such relationship. However, several marriages and relationships have collapsed due to inability of one party to satisfy the other in bed. Encomium weekly had a chat with men who revealed how long they last in bed.


SEGUN ADEOYE – I don’t last more than 15 minutes in bed. But I can go as many as three times before the day breaks. I don’t think there is anything bad in that. Although, some men claim they can stay on for as long as 30 minutes, it’s very rare. What matters is to enjoy sex with your woman, and this depends largely on your state of mind.


CHARLES UZOCHUKWU – The duration of sex as a man depends on your ability and how romantic your woman is. Left to me, I spend a minimum of 17 or 18 minutes before ejaculation. Only on a few occasions I ejaculate within five minutes of sex. And I do only two rounds before the day breaks.


IBIKUNLE EMMANUEL – Sex is a good thing for a young man like me in my late 20s. I last for an average of 15 minutes in bed.


KIMPE KAYODE – Ah, that is a big question. But it depends on the ability of the woman I’m with. If I am with the love of my life, the energy comes well and moderate, I won’t be too harsh with her. I spend 20 to 25 minutes. But if I’m with one of my girlfriends, I last for 50 minutes to one hour, because most of the time, I would have used drugs.


MICHAEL FRIDAY – I last for at least 20 minutes and at most 25 minutes. That is if I’m under drugs.


WASIU BUSARI – I don’t last long in bed. Not that I have a problem, but that is me. I last 15 minutes.


AZEEZ IBRAHIM – It’s a funny question. I am a strong man, I last like 45 minutes or more. It depends on my mood.


EMMANUEL GBADEBO – I am fond of foreplay but I last more than 25 minutes. It depends on my mood.


MR .RASHEED – Minimum of 15 minutes and maximum of 20 minutes which is on rare occasions.


TAYO – Everything total two hours, I like to get to cloud nine while I have sex. So, I take my time.


OLANREWAJU – Sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes two hours and I will not ejaculate. So, there is no uniform time for it.


WOLE – 25 minute, no time.


BADEJO – 30 minutes and I must ejaculate completely before I leave her.


AKOREDE COLE – Let me start by saying, every active man in bed should last at least 33 seconds – 44 minutes. So, for me, I enjoy foreplay and I last for about 20 to 30 minutes during sex. It all depends on my mood.


DAMILARE AROJOJOYE – For me, I enjoy sex a lot. My first round lasts about five minutes and 30 minutes for the subsequent rounds. It depends on my mood and that of my partner.


OGUNAIKE MARTINS – If I have a very active libido, I can last about 25 to 30 minutes. Most time, I enjoy non-stop sex.


MAYOWA OLATUNJI –  When it comes to sex, I’m always on fire. I haven’t really calculated how long, though I know that I last long in bed because it’s not less than 30 minutes.



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