‘I would have accepted to join D’Banj’s DB Records if…’ – Badoo, Olamide

– Speaks on his blossoming career

Olamide1-600x600Talented singer and rave of the moment, Olamide is arguably one of the busiest artistes in Nigeria right now. Of recent, he has dominated the music radar, courtesy of his hot singles from Durosoke to Street Love, among others.

ENCOMIUM Weekly was at MTV base office at Ikoyi, Lagos, on Thursday, March 20, 2014 where the Yahoo Boy No Laptop (YBNL) singer was celebrated as the Artiste of the Month.

He spoke on his blossoming career, his relationship with women and why he didn’t join Dbanj’s DB records despite romance with the Koko-master, among other issues… 


How does it feel being celebrated by MTV as the Artiste of the Month?

I feel great. To me, it is a dream come true.

How does it really feel being Olamide, one of the hottest artistes in Nigeria?

Who is Olamide? The guy I know is Badoo (smiles). It is Badoo that you’re talking to. I am just joking. Well, Olamide is a successful, hard working young boy. I am not hot, I am just successful, because I don’t want to be like those seasonal artistes who are hot for a while and then we won’t hear about them again. I just pray to God to continue to help me.

How would you describe your transition, starting from your days in Bariga and now that you are the talk of the town?

I don’t even know how to start, but I am just grateful to God and my fans, for their support. After dropping new singles, immediately I dropped an album. That’s how the story changed to a success story and today I am here, being celebrated. It is just God’s doing.

olamide-1Looking at your story to stardom, Olamide didn’t succeed under a record label. How did you survive the industry without a record label?

There are so many things attached to this success. I think it is determination, focus and actually knowing that talent is not enough. You have to build your character, so everybody around you will call you to everything that can give you the opportunity to be successful. I remember how I begged to perform at shows, even for free. I was granted because I have a good character. So, it’s always good to be good. Forget about fame, just be hard working.

A couple of months ago, you signed two artistes to your YBNL label. When will they start dropping songs?

Victor just dropped his single yesterday (Wednesday, March 19) and Lil kesh released his song a long time ago. It was Victor that introduced him to me. He actually called that he is also from Bariga and he’s a good artiste. When I heard his song, I was impressed. So, I signed him the next day. They have shot their videos already, soon to be out.

Why did you sign these artistes, when you didn’t get to stardom under a label?

For me, YBNL is more than a record label. It is a movement and a way of giving back. I am not saying I can do it for everybody but I will try my best if you are talented. That’s why I have signed those artistes.

Taking you back a little, a lot of your fans thought you were going to sign into DB Records. Was there any approach from Dbanj or you rejected him?

There was nothing like that. Dbanj is a big brother. He gives me advice when necessary, and he also respects me for the efforts I have put into the industry. And we do low key business together too. He advises me a lot about the industry. People just hear things and they get it twisted.

OlamideWould you have accepted the offer, if Dbanj wanted to sign you to his label?

I would have accepted it, if it was years back. But now, I think I am blessed and good. All I need to do is to help myself, others and the artistes with me.

Let’s talk about your relationship with Toni Payne, Coded Tunes boss, ID Cabasa?

Toni Payne is like my mom and angel, and Cabasa too. They both helped me get to this level and “Coded Tunes na my sure nigga self.” But God knows how it all ended that way, because someone might have misinformed her, and she acted based on that. Well, that’s past now. Toni Payne is still my mom for life.

Now that you’re always busy, how do you spend your leisure?

I hustle very hard because people like Dangote, Otedola, Bill Gates work every day to be rich. So, why would I rest, I work every day too.

What other business do you do aside music, as the industry is never guaranteed?

I don’t do any other business than music.

If you are not doing music, what would you be doing?

I don’t know, honestly. Music is flowing in my blood. Music is my life, music is all I do. When I am bored or depressed, I just go into the studio to make music, then I will be alright.

..with D'Banj

..with D’Banj

Out of all your decisions, which one have you regretted?

None honestly.

We saw the picture of your girlfriend with you, where you flaunted her during your UK tour. Is there any possibility of getting married to her?

Only God can answer this question because I am not God.

How do you cope with your female fans?

I treat them like my friends. I show them love but we don’t go too far because I don’t want to take anybody for granted. Just because God has given me the fame and money doesn’t mean I should have sex with them. I just appreciate and show them love.

We heard you are already working on your fourth album, how true is that?

Yes, I am.

What is the title of the album?

Take it easy, now, I don’t know yet. It depends on the demands from my fans and Alaba marketers. If they call that they need the album tomorrow, I will name it and drop it.

How close are you to your mom and dad?

I have not been too close to them because of my job. I am like a black sheep but the love is so strong.

Are you going back to school?

Yes, I will be doing a professional course very soon. I will go to South Africa to study music business.

When precisely will you be going back to school?





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