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‘I’m serious about my girlfriend’ – Ice Prince declares his love on MTV Base Real Talk

“Everything about my life is serious. Of course it’s serious.” This is the response of superstar rapper Ice Prince to a question about his relationship with Ghanaian-French beauty Maima.

The Choc Boi Nation artiste who is known for keeping his private life out of the public eye, makes this revelation during a no-holds barred chat session on the premiere episode of the new MTV Base show ‘Real Talk’.

The show, hosted by MTV Base VJ Ehiz and VJ Stephanie is a one on one question and answer platform, which enables fans to connect with top celebrities by getting answers to questions they have asked on social media. No questions are off-limits – secrets, guilty pleasures, old memories, phobias, everything is on the table.

In the course of the premiere episode, Ice Prince answers questions on a range of subjects including his opinion about Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie, what age he stopped wetting the bed (15 or 16, he reveals shockingly!), if he has ever worn fake jewelry, and whether he has a thing for “Yvonne’s”.

Responding to a question about if he has ever had a fight with a fellow celebrity, he replies

“I don’t get into fights, but maybe some altercations once in a while. Maybe somebody moved your verse on a song or someone didn’t release a song when they were supposed to, but we know how to find our way around it. There are so many years ahead for us to make music anyway.”

Speaking about the new show, Colette Otusheso, Head of Marketing and Communications, Viacom Africa remarked, “Real Talk is designed to go below the surface, to bring the real story of the superstars on the show to their fans. If you have ever wondered what your favourite celebrities get up to in their private lives, this is the show where you get that exclusive access to them and get them to answer questions of your own choosing.

You can watch MTV Base Real Talk every Sunday at 8:30PM on MTV Base channel 322 as well as repeats on Monday 3:30pm and Wednesday – 8:30pm.


Watch Ice prince talking about Maima here


Watch Ice prince talking about Sarkodie here





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