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‘I’m still very close to Pastor Adeboye’ – ITUAH IGHODALO

FORMER Redeemed Christian Church of God Pastor, Ituah Ighodalo, is amazed at the growth of Trinity House, the interdenominational church he started months back.  The handsome and humble man of God is even dreaming of moving the fast-growing church from Landmark Village, Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos to its permanent site very soon. 

Pastor Ituah revealed this plan in an exclusive interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Sunday, March 20, 2011.  But it wasn’t all about Trinity House he talked about, he also shared with us the extraordinary life of his late mum, Mrs. Fola Akintunde Ighodalo, and dad whom he said has a lot of influence on him.  He equally opened up on his blissful marriage and very close relationship with Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye.


Gone are the days Pastors dress shabbily, looking uninspiring and colourless.  Why do you look good and live a good life?

I think it is all about exposure. I wasn’t born a pastor. I grew up in a certain lifestyle. I have a certain background. And that background has always been there.  I have always been who I am.  And I will continue to be who I am irrespective of the fact that I am a man of God.

A lot of people see you as a role model, how do you carry on with this?

It comes with a lot of responsibilities.  You have to be careful, you have to watch it, you should know how to handle yourself.  It comes with a lot of pressure.

Almost all the time, we receive your SMS, e-mail and even voice calls sensitising Nigerians on major national issues and programmes, why are you passionate about Nigeria?

I am really passionate about Nigeria. My mother lived and died for this country.  And I believe Nigeria is one of the greatest nations in the world.  If only we can get our leadership right, everything would be turned around. I am not only passionate about Nigeria, I am passionate about the well-being of people, making sure they succeed in life and enjoy the benefits of living in Christ Jesus.

We didn’t quite get what you mean by saying your mum lived and died for this nation?

Pastor ItuahMy mother was the first woman Permanent Secretary in Nigeria. I am talking about Mrs. Fola Akintunde Ighodalo.  She was a leader among women.  She was the leader of the Western Nigerian Civil Service which was the backbone of the Federal Civil Service.  And she was responsible for a lot of the work they did in the Western Region.  After she retired, she spent about two, three hours praying for Nigeria every day.

How much of your late mum’s life influenced you?

A lot of her life.  She was a disciplinarian.  She was very honest.  I try to be as honest as I can.  She was extremely hard working.  And all of us imbibed that culture. She was also sincere and we are all sincere and upright.  She contributed to the development of mankind.  And that is what myself, my brother and my sister have also been doing. So, she was a great influence.

What about your dad who is aging gracefully?

My dad is a gentleman.  He is a very quiet man, very honest, Godly, honest and forthright.  He never said a bad word against anybody.  And he is a very caring man. I think a lot of us have also imbibed those attributes.

Months after inaugurating The Trinity House, how has it been?

To be honest with you, God has really helped us in Trinity House.  It has grown much beyond our expectations.  God has been extremely nice to us.  He has sent help to us.  So, we are really grateful to Him.

You are on Facebook, youtube, Twitter and you are constantly sending SMS, is it the way you intend to run your church?

Trinity House will use every modern technology to preach the gospel.  We use technology, we use music, we use word of mouth to win souls for Christ.  We even use fashion and allied activities to connect to all classes of people.  All for Christ.  It is a total church, preaching the total gospel, preaching the unity of Christ among the body of Christ.  We are reaching out to everybody irrespective of their denomina-tions.

You started Trinity House at Civic Centre.  From there, you moved to Landmark Village, where are you going from there?

We believe God for a permanent site for the church.  And that would be pretty soon.  But right now, I don’t really know.

How close are you to Pastor Enoch Adeboye?

Pastor Adeboye and I are still very close.  I have no problem with him.  We are very, very close.  We are very good friends.  And we get along very well.  He is an excellent man, who has done an excellent job.  He has a lot of influence on me. I am one of the very few people who can tell him how I feel and he takes my advice and suggestions.

How supportive has your lovely wife (Ibidun) been to you?

Very, very supportive.  She has always been there for me.  And now we are on the Trinity House project, she is playing her part.

So, she has been a good pastor’s wife?

She has been a wonderful woman.  She is my best friend. I really love her.

So, what has sustained your marriage?

Love, communication and understanding.  And we have a great deal of respect for each other. 

You didn’t tell us what you cherish most about her?

I love everything about her.

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, March 22, 2011



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