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Indecent dressing: More Nigerians disturbed by trend, blame parents

Indecent dressing is a social malady now so common that it is as disturbing as it is alarming. Ladies, young and old, practically prance about half naked. 

This deliberate exposure of one’s body to the public does not conform to the norms and values of any decent society. Most youths particularly now see dressing indecently as a way of life. While some think it’s a trend that must be followed, others just feel it makes them look sexy and attractive.

In this chat with, parents speak on the trend of indecent dressing among the youths.



I can say the fault comes from the parents. How could a parent leave their children to be dressing abnormally, and they will call it civilization? Is that civilization? No. They don’t have the fear of God.



We are now in the last days, it one of the signs that the end is near. That’s why you can see a person coming out with half naked dressing and she thinks it is fashion. I can only say people are now behaving under the influence of satan.



I can’t put the blame on anybody. You can even see a parent put on crazy dress. What do you expect from the children, when their parents are dressing abnormally? The only thing is because we are in a civilized world, that is why people are copying the dressing of others which is not supposed to be so because we have our way of dressing.



The situation of indecent dressing in our country is getting worse. By the time the white people put on another crazy style, you will see some Nigerians will also do the same thing and which is not part of us. The only way out to reduce this issue is to ban the importation of such dresses.



People copy the indecent dressing from some entertainers. For example, the hip hop singers and the films they watch. But if government can interfere to this and tell the celebrities to put on decent clothes before they shoot any movie or music, it will stop.



The fault of this indecent dressing comes from the parents, because some parents even use their money to buy some bad clothes for their children all because they want them to be civilised. They are copying the white culture, meanwhile each style has season in America because of their weather.



Whatever the youth put on today is as a result of what they see on celebrities. It didn’t just start today. If you watch Fela’s videos, see what his dancers put on and even their attitude on stage, you will know that indecent dressing didn’t start yesterday.

Since the government couldn’t do anything then, they can’t do anything again.



It would take only God’s intervention to put a stop to indecent dressing in the country because it has become a global issue. I wouldn’t want to blame anyone for it, but I think it is youth’s fault. They (youths) are emulating the western world, forgetting our own way of life.



We all are to blame for this. We allowed this thing to get this bad in the country. The government, parents, guardians and the children too have a role to play in bringing things back to normal.





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