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Indecent dressing? Young folks on sexy attires

Everywhere you turn you are assaulted with flesh-flashing fashion. From visible breasts to thighs, nothing is left to the imagination. 

Sexy garbs are worn everywhere exposing anatomy better covered up.

Young and old are not left out. A sense of insecurity is displayed by perpetrators. 

Today, when people dress indecently and they are confronted, they are quick to mention the weather or better still that the way of dressing does not justify their manner. had a chat with youths on what they consider as indecent dressing and why they dress the way they do.

Ajibike Olubisi (Yoruba, Christian)

I would say indecent dressing is dressing in a way that does not glorify the name of God. Dressing seductively or dressing in such a way that you attract unnecessary attention to yourself. When you dress as a lady and an unknown male tells you that you look sexy, be rest assured that you have exposed a part of your body, which is not morally alright.

They should tell you, you are beautiful if you have dressed well.

Emmanuel Sandra (Igbo, Christian)

For me, I think your dress sense depends on your taste. I do not call it indecent dressing. What’s the big deal in someone trying to dress to suit him/herself? We are not living in the 80s now, we are in the computer age. Just roll with the change.

Exposing one’s body doesn’t mean the person is wild. There are people who are fully covered but still do the unthinkable. As for me, I dress to suit my taste. Whatever is in vogue and I like it, I wear it.

Odenike Olabisi (Yoruba, Muslim)

My own view about it is that we are living in a civilized world. Let’s forget about religion or traditional view on dressing. The weather we have in the country is too harsh for anyone to cover herself totally.

In countries where we think they dress decently, like Saudi Arabia for instance, they have working government system that has helped in easing things for them. But here that we don’t have light, combined with the harsh weather, there is no how people won’t expose themselves to fresh air. See what happens during raining season when there is cold, most people don’t expose themselves. Aside miniskirts and short sleeved dresses, I don’t dress anyhow.

Isiaka Abiodun (Yoruba, Muslim)

The way people dress depends on the kind of upbringing they have. It also depends on what they are exposed to. A child that doesn’t fear his/her parents will behave anyhow, wear what she likes and no one will caution her.

There are also girls who dare not dress indecently at home but once they are in school in midst of their friends, they want to feel among.

Demola Obadare (Yoruba, Christian)

It is not in the culture of our land to dress indecently but because we are in civilized world that is why we can see people dressing anyhow and they will not even be ashamed of it. This was not so in the olden days. Even now some parents dress indecently, not only the youth.

Bright Kenneth (Igbo, Christian)

It depends on the background. The type of family and the peer groups they associate with that can influence the way they dress and the way they behave.

Ezem joy (Igbo, Christian)

Indecent dressing is any dressing that exposes the body or doesn’t compliment the body shape. When you dress half naked or you dress in a way that makes people to start wondering whether you didn’t see the mirror before stepping out. I dress casual most of the time but I try not to appear naked.

Abubakar aminat (Hausa, muslim)

Islamically, it’s not allowed. We have the way a man and woman should be dressing in the Holy Quran. Anyone that goes against this will be punished. And I know that is the way it will be stated in other religious books  too. Even in our culture, there is nothing called indecent dressing but because we are in civilized country that is why you can see a lady put on man’s wear, same is applicable  to men also.

All this shows the end is here. God has even said it all that, “If we want to know the end of life, there will be different things that will happening which God does not accept and human being will be doing it.”

So, we need prayer and orientation in this country.

Opeilu Mariam (Yoruba, Muslim)

I think both the youth and the parents need orientation because there is a way you can put on the white people clothes without exposing yourself and you will still look the English way like we see them around the place and they don’t feel anything.

Some can even go out with only pants. So government needs to intervene in this issue of bad dressing.

– Azeezat Kareem and Shukurat Alimi for 



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