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Nigerians bear their minds on the call of Baru’s removal

The Socio-Economic Right and Accountability Project (SERAP) has called on President Muhammad Buhari to remove the Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Maikanti Baru. This call is coming after the minister of state for Petroleum, Dr Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu wrote a letter to the president, which leaked. The minister had stated in his letter that Baru had failed to consult or carry him along in the activities of the corporation and that he has been hindering all the positive ideas he conceived for the well being of the corporation.
Kachikwu also alleged that some major contracts were awarded by Baru without his consent or that of the board of NNPC. These allegations and more have stirred controversies from different angles and now, Baru’s removal is being called for. ENCOMIUM weekly spoke with Nigerians on whether it is justified to have Baru removed from office as suggested by SERAP. 

Below are their responses:


Mrs Onyibo Adeola

I don’t want him to be arrested, they should first find out, do a thorough investigation before they take any step.


Chika Ndubisi

They should arrest him because he is not a good man, he is corrupt. Why will he do such a thing? They should just suspend him and ensure he faces the law court.


Sulaimon Uthman

If he is guilty, why not? They should arrest him and they should suspend him while investigating. Then if he is really guilty, he should just face his punishment. He should be dealt with accordingly.


Badmus Keji

Yes, he should be removed because he is a disloyal but hasn’t been found guilty yet. I think government should look into the matter very well and while doing that he might be detained but not punished until he is found guilty.


Adeshola Pemisire

He should be removed, of course. He has committed a grave offence, even if he hasn’t been proved so wrong now. But they should suspend him until they finish the investigation.


Mr Olayinka

If we all know what Baru did was wrong, I think the president is in the best position to query or sack him.


Okezie Stanley
I wouldn’t say he should be removed because the content of the leaked letter was mere allegations. Until it is proven that he did all those things, then we can decide if he should be removed or not. So, removing him now is not justified.


Adegbola Bose
Even if it’s justified, does that mean he would be removed? We all know Nigeria’s system. The way it is, they might just wake up tomorrow morning and change the story. I am indifferent on this issue. Let’s see the outcome of the investigations.


Bodunde Isaac

Anyone who breaks the law should face the wrath. Baru has gone past his boundaries, he should be shown the way out. They all see their appointments into office as an opportunity for them to extort the nation. He should be dealt with.


Mutahiru Fatai

This is not the right time to show him the way out. Thorough investigation should be done, especially concerning the contracts he awarded. I won’t be surprised if the companies he awarded the contracts to are his. He should know better that he is subordinate to Kachikwu and he should carry him along in all that happens in the corporation.


– Shukurat Alimi and Azeezat Kareem for encomium




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