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Nigerians recount their June 12 experience: ‘It remains the most credible ever’

Many Nigerians have acknowledged that June 12, 1993, Presidential election was credible. But not many agree that it is Democracy Day. 

Here are some views of our respondents:


Mr. Badmus

The history cannot be forgotten in Nigeria, that is when we first had a free and fair election in Nigeria. From my own point of view, I think the date should have served as Democracy Day instead of May 29.


Mrs. Okunola Ronke

I am in support, June 12 should be called Democracy Day, not May 29 because during this June 12 that is when we started voting free and fair election. Then you can vote for any party you wish to vote for and

not like military regime.


Agbeleye Olayinka

Actually June 12 should have been democracy day but it is quite unfortunately the election was annulled due to the best reason known to the government at that time. June 12 election is the best election ever had in Nigeria, it was fair and free but Democracy was not established instead interim government was formed and later military hijacked the Government.


Ezem Joy

In as much as I acknowledge the significance of June 12, I still don’t think it should serve as the Democracy Day. Of what use is this date when the so called election was later annulled? June 12 is a date on its on and so is Democracy Day, May 29.


Kareem Rukayat

For me, I don’t think June 12 is celebrated the way it should be. This is a date when the whole of Nigeria unitedly elected a president, even though he wasn’t later declared. The very first time Nigeria had a true election, the one that was not tampered with. A day like this should be celebrated to commemorate our unity. Not that one state will declare holiday, other states won’t.


Osigwe Linda

I was still very young when it all happened and I don’t know much about politics, but I still don’t think June 12 should mark Democracy Day. There is nothing democratic about it, except for the free and fair election, nothing else good came out of it. To me, it’s just a normal day.

Celebrating the death of Abiola after people had suffered greatly for his cause is not worth it. That means the likes of Ojukwu and co should be celebrated too. A lot of lives were lost because of this June 12 of a thing, so, why is it that it’s only the free and fair election we remember?


  • Azeezat Kareem and Shukurat Alimi





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