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3 days to Sallah, no sign of preparation

Sultan of Sokoto has declared Friday, September 1, as date of Eid-el-Kabir festival for all Muslims, yet there seems to be no preparation from the Muslim brethren.

The reason is not farfetched as the current situation of the country is allegedly responsible. The festival which is just in three days time seems to have come at the wrong time. Before now, Eid-el-Kabir (known as Ileya) attracts Muslim faithfuls to their respective hometowns where they celebrate with their extended family. The festival also serves as a means of reuniting with old friends, especially those that grew up in the village and had gone in search of greener pastures in different locations outside their villages. 

However, this year’s Sallah appears to wear a different look as buses loaded with people going on Sallah vacations in their respective hometowns is yet to be noticed, which is quite unusual. spoke with Muslims on their preparation for Eid-el-Kabir with the few days remaining…


Mumeen AbdFatai

We are still expecting God’s miracles in our family, because we have not prepared at all. But we know there’s still time for us, there is nothing God cannot do.


Abiola Rofiat
I have not even prepared at all. Though I am not eligible to kill ram for now, talk of the food items and clothes I have not prepared for it. Still in the hands of God.


Olofiyokun Abdu Rahmon

Preparation indeed. Now that ram is costly, the one I priced last was N60,000, and I dont have such amount. I am still looking for cheaper price even if it is small. I don’t mind any for now, I just know that I will kill ram this year also.


Alhaji Bashiru

I have prepared a little bit for it, I have gotten my own ram but not like the way it used to be, that I kill like two rams for Sallah. But I just have only one ram, I thank God for it. Praying for those that have not gotten their own. May God provide for them.


Badru Aishat

I don’t understand what is wrong this year, but I still give thanks to Almighty Allah for life. I thought we are the only ones affected, but when I asked other people how they are preparing, they all gave the same story. It’s quite bad because before, we would have bought ram at least a week before Sallah. But here we are this year no traces of ram.


Ajetunmobi Fatahi

This year appears to be the way God wants it because by now, I would have sent my children to my hometown in Iwo, Osun state. Then I would join them a day to Sallah. With the look of things now, I don’t think I can afford to do such, we will celebrate it here in Lagos and Allah will bless us all. I will just make sure we get something good to eat on that day even if we can’t kill a ram.


Tijani Qozeem

I wouldn’t say that I have prepared so well, but I know God will take control. We don’t need to complain over what is happening now because Allah already said that he would try us to know how faithful we are. I just pray next comes better.


Arowosegbe Musiliu

All praised be to God Who has preserved us and made us see today. If He had killed us, would we have the mouth to complain about lack of money?

We are here complaining, some people are in Hajj, how did they get there? Didn’t they use money? We would celebrate this year’s Eid-el-Kabir like we have been celebrating it in the past because to me, nothing has changed. People will still kill ram, and those that will not kill won’t. I and my family will still travel on Wednesday to celebrate Sallah with our extended family members and we will surely kill ram.


Babajide Sulaimon

I am preparing in my own little way. I hope to buy a ram on the day before Sallah. No travelling this year, I lost my dad early this year, no one to go and visit in my village. So, I and my family will just stay back in Lagos and enjoy Sallah.


– Azeezat Kareem and Shukurat Alimi




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