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3 reasons billionaire kidnapper’s trial maybe long and arduous

In spite of his confessions and the evidence against him, the trial of billionaire kidnapper, Chukwudi Onuamadike, maybe long and arduous.
Because he acquired at least four houses and may have statched hundreds of millions away, he will be deceived by scavengers that he can walk away free. Many will connive and collude to fleece the kingpin – who’s on record to have confessed to his crimes – that he can escape justice.

And here are three reasons the trial may be long and arduous as compiled by

1. The proof of evidence, witnesses and facts of the operations must be painstakingly thought out, assembled and presented before the court.
What we have seen so far cannot convict a criminal. All the confessions are just the beginning as each operation and participants must be assembled with dates and facts.
Witnesses have to corroborate the cases, and proofs of evidence compiled.
Then, diligent prosecution follows. That’s the only route to conviction.

2. Because of the money at the disposal of the key suspect, lawyers will swoop in to frustrate prosecution.
He will be assured that money can achieve all things, and a few brilliant lawyers will step in.
Their aim is to prolong trial and ensure the prosecution’s case suffers technical set backs.

3. Judges have a role to play in conviction.
If a serious, incorrigible judge is in charge of the case, trial will be speedy.
But when the case falls on the wrong table, endless adjournments and nonsensical motions will be the order of the day.



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