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K1 Faults Late Boss Claim As Fuji Creator: ’He didn’t create the genre,  he turned it around’

Fuji King, Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde Olasunkanmi Anifowose, famously known as K1 De Ultimate, has insisted the genre he was introduced to by his late boss, mentor and music godfather, Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Balogun, popularly addressed as Barrister, was not created by the latter. Not only that, the music  was not also named after Fuji mountain in Japan as claimed by Barrister.


He said this and much more on Tuesday, February 28,2017, at Airport Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos at this year’s edition of the interactive session among music stakeholders, ‘Ariya Repete’ to showcase the importance of Yoruba traditional music- Fuji and Juju In propagating Yoruba culture, packaged by Golberg Lager beer.

The wealthy musician, who turned 60 on Thursday, March 2, 2017, said it emphatically that Ayinde Barrister’s history of Fuji is completely faulty as many had practiced the genre before him.

“First, let me knock late Sikiru Ayinde Barrister’s history of Fuji. He wasn’t the one that created the genre as he claimed. And that he named it after a mountain in Japan is also not true. He’s my mentor, my boss . In fact, I started living with him since I was eight years old.

“This Ayinde Barrister and I had discussed many times before his death. Fuji was started by Lagosians and they used to call it ‘Faaji’, Fuja affliating it to Fuji as a common slang then. Also, a lot of people had also practiced the genre before Ayinde Barrister. So, he was not the creator but the turning point of Fuji. He only changed the face of Fuji, he didn’t create it.  That’s contained in one of my albums, Fuji Flavour.”

However, this didn’t go down well with Ayinde Barrister’s children as they described K1 as an ingrate. They also described his comment as unnecessary blabbing.

Speaking with Encomium Weekly on Friday, March 3, 2017, Samsideen Balogun said, “What K1 said about creation of Fuji as a brand of music is wrong and unacceptable. Everybody knows the genre was created by my dad. And if there’s anybody with his evidence of how Fuji was created, the person can bring out the document. I am not a musician but I was very close to my dad, and he told me everything. Even, while on sick bed, we were always talking. He explained everything to me. So, I don’t know what brought about knocking Ayinde Barrister’s claim in public after his death if truly he’s his boss, father and mentor as he always claims. What he said is totally unacceptable. He’s an ingrate.  And when Ayinde Barrister was alive, he dared not challenge him to his face on any issue. Now that the man is gone, he can be saying whatever he likes about him.

“No one can re-write history. May be, that’s what K1 is trying to do. Even, on the fifth anniversary of our father’s death, Alhaji Kollington Ayinla also confirmed that indeed, his friend, Ayinde Barrister created the genre that all of them are now benefiting from. So, there’s no controversy in that.”

This was also corroborated by Adewale Akanji (Barry Showkey) who said, “It’s not possible to re-write history. It’s widely known that our father, Ayinde Barrister created Fuji. And there  are lots of people who are still alive that can testify to this. If he’s not an ingrate, he won’t be saying that. No controversy at all, history can’t be re-written.”





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