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More Knocks For K1 Over Fuji Creation – Kollington Ayinla makes U-Turn on Fuji creation theory,  backs K1, ‘He’s talking rubbish’, Fancy Aye Alamu


The controversial statement of Fuji star, Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde Olasunkanmi, popularly addressed as K1 De Ultimate, over the creation of the genre is not unlikely to degenerate into a bigger crisis among the practitioners of the popular music as many of K1’s colleagues are already condemning the Fuji lord, describing his comment as unguided and unscrupulous.

Speaking with on Thursday, March 30, 2017, one of the elders in the genre and one time President of Fuji Musicians Association of Nigeria (FUMAN), Alhaji Fancy Aye Alamu expressed disappointment about K1’s utterances as regards the founder of the gentry. He described it as unguided and frivolous any statement capable of causing disunity in the genre.

He therefore called on all Fuji practitioners and the general public to ignore K1 who he described as mischief maker in the genre.

“Wasiu Ayinde is a fake person. He’s only talking rubbish. Instead of causing unnecessary crisis in the genre and among Fuji fans with his rubbish history, he should have come up with a clear evidence to substantiate his claim that there’re other people who called their music Fuji before late Sikiru Ayinde Barrister. I got annoyed when I was told he said so public. Where’s his origin as a musician? All he could achieve today are from Fuji as created by Barrister. It’s a non disputable fact and no one can rewrite history unless the person comes up with a superior evidence.

“All the people he mentioned, including Saka Laigbade, Ajadi Lawal, Jolly Lawa, Abinuwaye Bashiru were not Fuji musicians. They practised Sakara and Were throughout their life times. I was also in EMI Records then, they all sang Were and Sakara. None of them called himself a Fuji musician. Even Alhaji Dauda Epo Akara he also referred to never called his music Fuji. He also started with Were which he later changed to Awurebe.  So, Wasiu’s statement was ridiculous and unguided. May be he was drunk when he said it.

“Please, quote me anywhere, Wasiu is a mischief maker. How old was he when he was with Barrister that he’s now in the best position to tell the history of Fuji? Ask him to produce a concrete evidence. At least, an album to show that some one else created Fuji apart from Barrister. I think he just wants to discredit the man. May be there was an unresolved crisis between the two of them before the man died. Left to me,  I don’t even know what he stands to gain in that. May be he’s being carried away by his wealth, nobody can tell.

“I think he thinks he can convince people by saying ‘Faji, Fuja, Fuji’ were popular slogans in Isale Eko long ago. He should have told us the exact year the slogan started. Nobody can follow his words except a fool. That’s why I want to use this medium to call on all Fuji musicians and our fans home and abroad to ignore what Wasiu said and not capitalise on it to cause any undue crisis in the genre.”





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