‘KIND  is an avenue for women to express how they feel’- CEO Weby Design,  Abdulmumuni Abiola

Alhaji Abdulmumuni Abiola is the CEO of Weby Design, an I.T Consultant who stands for Nigeria’s unity, educational progress, integrity and believes in people coming together to create something beautiful, always looking out for an opportunity to be more productive.

Speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the Brand Development Coordinator for KIND Initiative took us on what KIND stands for and why every Nigerians should be part of it.


What do you do?

I manage few companies, Weby Design, which is an I.T company and also I’m the brand development coordinator for KIND Initiative Nigeria.

Would you take us through your educational background?

I schooled in Nigeria till 1996 and I left for United States, finished my secondary school in 2003. I went to a university in Washington, I graduated 2007, in Accounting. I worked for two years in the United States, mostly computer electronics department.

In all of these, would you say you are an IT expert?

I will say that I am very conversant with IT world, I know a lot about IT and I normally do consulting for companies in terms of internet connection, device application procurement, anything that has to do with IT, I am very conversant with that.

Would you take us through what KIND stands for and what the organization offers Nigeria as a country?

KIND is my sister’s organization, translated as Kudirat Initiative for Democracy. It is a way for her to honour my mother and also bring into the front burner plights of women in Nigeria. So, what the organization is really about, is to curtail some of the issues that women face like rape, sharia law in the north where women are not given equal rights. There should be equal rights for everybody.

It is very important for people to be part of it and also appreciate women for everything they are meant to do. KIND helps to sort out some of these issues, encourage women to push for higher careers, KIND trains, guides and directs them.

It is also another avenue for women to express how they feel, discuss some of the issues they face and we help them find solutions to what they are facing.

Has KIND gotten Nigerian government’s backing?

I want you to understand that my sister started this organization from the United States and brought it to Nigeria. I will say the organization has gotten the backing from Amnesty International, support from World Bank, mostly organizations outside Nigeria. The idea was how to get private sectors in Nigeria to get involved. We have sent letters to various organizations, state governments, sourcing support because it’s an NGO and not a business venture. We are also looking into the issue of Chibok girls to see how we can support that as well.

The way the world is going now, we need everybody, no matter where you are coming from, you should get at least the basic education which will open up certain opportunities. This is like a window, the moment you open a window, the doors can start opening as well, so we are trying to be that window to catch them before they are over powered.

No doubt, your dad was a lover of good education. If your dad were around and KIND is existing, what do you think your dad would have done?

If my father were around, KIND might not have come up. And again it would have been something else. This is why I never really dwelt on what happened in the past, always look to the future. Things that happened in the past cannot be changed. We should just focus on what KIND can do for the future.

For me to say that KIND would be this global organization is far from it because there might not be KIND in the first place. Now that there is KIND, what are we doing with KIND now. Like I said, we are sourcing from states government also from private sectors to drive the women agenda.

What does Abdulmumuni Abiola stand for?

I stand for Nigeria’s unity, I stand for educational progress, I stand for integrity, honesty, I just believe solemnly in win-win, always looking for an opportunity to be more productive. I believe in people coming together to create something beautiful and useful and openness is very key.

What is your take as Nigeria celebrates 55 years?

I think this is a very good opportunity for Nigeria to start doing things right, doing something differently, using different applications to solve the problems we are facing.

Looking at the economy of this country, everyone is complaining that we don’t have a direction yet, more so the ministerial list is yet to be announced. What do you think Nigerians should do?

The government has been given the responsibility and time should be given to allow the president make the right decision because decisions you make have repercussions. Yes, I understand why people are clamouring for a speedy approach to certain things but it is always good to take a step back and look through all the proposal before you make your decisions.

I believe the president is doing his best and he is buying time in the sense that he wants to acquire more information to work with, the best shouldn’t be pushed aside. I believe things will be more documented, there will be more processes, it will be clearer to what you can do to bring a better situation for the country.



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