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Knocks for Kogi governor over meaningless mansion

The mansion being erected by governor of Kogi state, Yahaya Bello, on Mahmoud Atta Street, GRA Okene, is the source of consternation. 
The governor is being knocked for erecting a mansion with all the abject poverty his administration presides over.
Here are some views…

Anthony James:

Kogi youths is time to fight against corruption in ur state. No one will do it for u except kogians.corruption among the political leaders is too much.get up and fight for ur right.


Olaniyan David Oluwatobiloba:

Abbeg make I cum help u paint am oooooo


Destiny Ejike:

From all I’ve heard about this man i can say, he’s a course to the people of Kogi state.


Ezenwa Onyekachi:

So he didn’t even have house and they made him governor. Chei! Your money, your money na him own….


Nancy Elebra:

He’s not the only corrupt politician. Even his face can tell you how corrupt he is.


Mufutau Olowo:

Most of our politicians have no fear of God


Row Row:

All of them are the same.


Itodo Dominic Olumide:

This house is no worth N500 million abeg. If he has spent N2.1 billion certainly not on this house.


Abdulmumin Haruna:

The Government of Kogi is nothing but a shadow of itself.


Fega Mole:

Please not that looters but the truth this house and many of the house these media people report about don’t cost the amount they claim they cost. Do you know what 2.1billion will build?


Abubakar Saddeeq:

So what? Even you the poster if you get chance you will loot more than that


Daniel Xtopher:

Is only in kogi state that people are enjoying suffering, in d whole 36 state Kogi is d least in terms of everything all this is happening to them at the cost of illiteracy and selfishness, I urge them to endure the pain till the end


Fred Abhieyighan:

He is one of the agents of change. Anyone in apc govt gat moral right to steal and embezzle bcos, they are serving under a saint Buhari.


Yahaya Femi Rasheed:

Pls, for God sake let this young man pay the salaries of kogi workers. Staff verification is good if it is done with good motive. But this Yahaya own is dragging too long, civil servants are dying. Any policy without human face is punishment. A teacher in one primary school who has work for years was tagged ghost worker just because she always withdraw her salary in nearby state as a result of non functioning of bank in the local govt where she works. Pls, this man should act fast. If he likes he can buy heaven on earth he should just do the needful. After all it is just six feet. May God deliver Kogi State from wicked and heartless Leaders.


Moses Ovatuaa John:

Stupid page wit stupid finger typing stupidity. Which one is bill out fund? Ode, ewu, evu.


Ene Ocheido:

The one he had before he became governor? Na una sabi.


Sharafadyn Abdlateef:

How many year(s) has he used? How many day(s) or year(s) did they used to build the mansion. Pls I need answer.


Abraham Babafemi:

Ok. in Apala voice, fingers cross oooo.


Isa Pishiria:

Those living in glass houses shouldn’t though stones.


Christiana Jerry:

Pple don’t fear God again ooo


Husseini Abdul:

Chai there is God oo


Maji Kabiru He will vomit every kobo he is spending, just a matter of time, keep watching…


Suleiman S Yakubu:

Yes, he had been in contemplation for long on how to acquire mansion in the time has come for him to actulize his not suprizing.


Michaels Optimistic:

When will I wake up in the morning and I will not be pessimistic about this scenarios befallen my state??


John Ayefu:

If this is true, I will advised that the needful need to be done. Petition all of them to the efcc and relevant agencies for a start.


Abdul Shaibu:

If this is true, may he never live to sleep in that mansion. If he sleeps there, may he never wake up. Unless God is asleep, may the spirits of Kogi workers who were systematically denied the fruit of their labour and who died untimely all in the name of one useless unending verification; and because of this callous act and whose sweat was used to buy the mansion continue to haunt him.

Can I get 100 amen please?


Ajetunmobi Femi Collns:

Has that turned to an abuse? U cannot be throwing stones at the glass house, if you do what will you people meet in the nearest future, let the sleeping dog lie and criticize constructively.


Hassan Seidu:

Bello is a waste to the people of kogi state. Comrade Usman Okai Austin please keep us updating as God will reward you


Ade Amos:

No secret in the world you can’t hide it hnnnnn mr corruption fight. Very soon corruption will fight u




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