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Nigerians applaud Melaye over sponsorship of jungle justice bill

Controversial Senator Dino Melaye has made a move to sponsor a bill against Jungle Justice, and this is going down well with Nigerians who are applauding this good move. 

Here are some of the responses from people who support the move…



It is a good move from the senator because a lot of lives have been lost to jungle justice, but the move will only be successful if the police will play their part well too. People only resort to take laws into their hands when police betray them. It should be passed into law to save innocent lives. I quite agree with it and support



I am in support of such a bill because if something is not done to prevent people from the act, they will end up not finding the root of the problem. For example, if a criminal or a kidnapper is caught and the person is burnt, there is no how they would get more information in other to prevent future occurrence.



I think the senator has done a good thing. It will encourage people to stop such an act. An old woman was almost beaten to death because she was holding a baby but the baby was her grand-daughter. They had beaten the woman before information came that she was saying the truth. Such a bill will prevent issues like that from happening again.



It is a welcome development, he should ensure the bill sees the light of day. They should also ensure that perpetrators don’t go unpunished. The Police Force should also brace up, they should deal with corrupt officers who release criminals after collecting tips.



I support the bill against jungle justice because it is barbaric in this era. Jungle justice has always been claiming innocent lives although what actually fuels jungle justice is police inefficiency and general misconception of police presence in any criminal spot. At the end of the day, if a suspect is arrested, the person would be freed after they might have collected bribe. If the police system is not corrupt, there wouldn’t be need for jungle justice. The Police force need to redeem its image.



Everybody has their own good and bad sides. We criticize Dino for so many reasons, but I support him for that move really. It is a welcomed development, they should ensure it is passed into law eventually.



I watched a show where mothers of ALUU  four boys were interviewed. No reasonable human being would watch such and not weep. It was so touching, that is the major reason I am supporting Dino for the initiative. Nigerians are hasty to judge, we need to reserve judgement for those who are trained to do it.



It is a welcome development. He should go ahead and pursue that just cause. I will also advise the Senate to award capital punishment for those involved in jungle justice, even the onlookers should not be left out.



Most times it is the innocent that suffer unjustly. I will blame the Police Force for jungle justice. Even when you make a call, it can take hours for them to get to the scene. Later they would’ve blowing their sirens unnecessarily. Kudos to Dino for that really.



He should go ahead and not make it a social media thing alone. He should ensure it follows due process till the end. Lagosians need that bill, it is very important.


Shade Wesley Metibogun for




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