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Lagos Executive-Legislative parley urges INEC to be impartial, calls for review, reversal of order of elections

-Advocates multinational military cooperation, increased intelligence and counter-terrorism actions

The 11th Executive/Legislative Parley of the Lagos State Government ended Friday at the Golden Tulip in Apapa with participants urging the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to be manifestly impartial and calling for the reversal of the order of the 2015 General Elections by the National Assembly.

In a 15-point Communiqué after the meeting, the participants, who included the Governor and his deputy, members of the National Assembly from Lagos State, the Speaker and members of the State House of Assembly, State Executive Council members and All Progressive Congress Party Chieftains in Lagos State also articulated the need to fast-track post election litigations in order not to fall victim of the time frame set by the new electoral laws to end all litigations arising from the elections.

Urging INEC to remove the time limit it placed on the conclusion of all electoral petitions after the general elections, the participants declared. “National Assembly should review and reverse the order of the 2015 general elections starting from the local to the National”.

The participants also endorsed the need for increased intelligence and counter-terrorism actions while also strongly advocating multinational military cooperation and foreign assistance with disclosed parametres of engagement that will secure the sovereignty of the country.

Organized by the Political and Legislative Powers Bureau of the Governor’s Office, the Parley maintained that the essence of the state is to promote the common good adding that common good entails among others, “the maintenance of law and order, fair allocation of resources to meet specific demands, provision of infrastructure and respect for human rights and effective revenue collection”.

“Lagos State Government must seek to remove or modify Federal organs and legislations that inhibit the progress of Lagos and enforce the judgment which nullified the decree 52”, Participants said, adding that credible moral civilization must consistently and vigorously seek to protect all the civil and political rights of every citizen.

They added, “The laws designed to protect fundamental human rights must themselves  enjoy some measure of immunity from legislative review and amendment;

Credible bodies must be vested with the power to blow the whistle when the parameters of the constitutional covenant are transgressed”.

Noting that Public Private Partnership (PPP) is one of the new trends in partnership strategies being popularized as an alternative approach to the delivery of goods and services in Lagos State, participants advocated increased training and knowledge of public officers about its workings in order that “all Arms of Government can support them to strengthen private investment in the development of public infrastructure for job creation”.

“Government”, the participants said, “must work with people to organize economic institutions in such a way that there is no oppression based on class, social status, ethnic group or state”, adding that “a distributive equity is an important cornerstone in the act of national objectives for the Government’s Programme or reconstruction and social reform”.

The Parley also called for urgent global action “to halt the alarming pace of Climate Change and environmental degradation, which pose unprecedented threats to humanity” adding that urgent action has become expedient in order to save humanity from extermination.

The participants urged Government to focus on the realization of the Millennium Development goals to ensure that no one is left behind adding, “There is no time to lie at ease or be complacent despite the progress made thus far, and hence we must set new goals and reach for greater heights.”




SUNDAY, MAY 13,  2014




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