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Lanre Gentry drenches Mercy Aigbe in mud: lists 6 misdemeanors

Olanrewaju Gentry, the estranged husband of star actress Mercy Aigbe who’s accused of wife battery is fighting back.
In an interview with BONONLINE on Wednesday, May 3, the hotelier and auto merchant listed 6 ways his wife is an undesirable element:

1. He labelled Mercy mentally unstable. And that he’s sought medical attention for the ailment from many places, and he has proof of the medical interventions.

2. He tagged her a serial adulteress. That last year, she lied that she was going to China, but was in Dubai ( United Arab Emirates) for two weeks with a man.

3. He claimed he has a lot of munched WhatsApp messages of her philandering.

4. That the rented apartment she moved to in Magodo was paid by a man.

5. That both were planning her 40th birthday, with N8 million deposited for a new Range Rover (worth N16 million) and N1.2 million down payment for hall rental.

6. That Mercy never takes care of her parents.
Her father collapsed last year while on a pension queue, and she never visited him. He had to go there and spent N180,000.
Her mother is on a stipend of N25,000 monthly from him.



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