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Matured ladies open up on being single for too long

Africans believe a woman should get married at least before she is 30 years. Once she gets to that age without bringing a man home, everybody begins to worry. 

This week, we sampled opinion of matured singles on if they have been single for too long…


Yetunde Adepoju

I don’t think I have been single for too long, I am still in my late 30s, there is still hope for me.

Men still approach me for marriage, it is just a that I have not found the right person yet. Most of them come with the aim of milking me dry. I want a guy who can stay with me through thick and thin.


Busayo Kanyinwola

No, I don’t think so. Once there is life, there is hope. It is only the dead that has no hope. I still trust God for a turnaround very soon.

I know of a woman who got married in her 50s, I don’t pray to be single at that age anyway. I am in my early 40s now but I will get married very soon.


Nkem Nwogu

I don’t think a lady who is thirty years should lose hope.

Late marriage is better than divorce.

I waited this long because I don’t want to rush in and rush out of marriage. Of course, there is hope.


Yinka Adesuyi

I have not been single for too long, how old am I that I should say that. I still have hope that I would be married one day, I am still 32 years. Hopefully, before the next three years, I will get married.


Daisy Brian

I think I have been single for too long, I never envisaged I would be 35 and still be single. I never planned it anyway.


Nkechi Chibueze

I don’t think anybody can be single for too long. I have a sister who got married at 45, I have a friend who married at 48 years. It depends on how fast things work out for all of us. As far as I am concerned, I have not been single for long.


Fatimah Owonikoko

Maybe if I am 50 and I am not married, I can say that. I am still young, just 31 years, there is still hope and time for me.


Tolu Nelson

Maybe to some people but to me, I would say no. To my parents, I will say yes. God’s time is the best, I am waiting for his time, at least I can’t toast a man and force him to marry me, so I have to wait and position myself for the right man.


Abiola Anthony

I can’t be single for too long, even if I am not married at 50,I am still not single for too long because that is not the end of the world for me. People who are not married are alive and some are doing better than those who are married.

Once there is life, there is hope as well.


Mosunmola Awele

When I am 45, I believe no woman should wait till that age before getting married.



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