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Mothers react to young ladies dumping babies after birth

In what has appeared as a trend among ladies, especially those with unwanted pregnancies, dumping or throwing away of their new born babies has become more or less an option. As saddening and heartless as it may sound, there are reports of several of such cases and one couldn’t help but to wonder as to how a mother could do such to her own child.
Most of the reported cases have been linked to the mothers’ inability to fend for the new born. While some of these women forgo their babies with the intention of having them found by a good Samaritan who would take care of the tot, others go as far as dumping the baby in a critical condition leaving them fo020r dead or even kill the baby before dumping him.
ENCOMIUM Weekly sought the reactions of mothers over the horrible act and they have these to say…

Those doing such simply don’t have the fear of God. Ladies nowadays don’t want to suffer for the sake of their children but they can’t stay away from sex or unprotected sex. It’s so sad. Someone who can throw her own child away, what then can’t she do to other people’s children?

Even without saying a single word, such woman or lady is cursed. The blood of that baby will forever be on her neck and will hinder her progress forever. If you make a mistake and get pregnant, it’s not a big deal. Start something fast to ensure the well-being of the unborn child.
They think it’s easy to raise children, that’s why they go about spreading their legs anyhow. Any lady caught in such act should be jailed, no crime is bigger than denying a child the right to live.
The child didn’t beg you to bring him to this world, you are the one who couldn’t close up your thighs.

I don’t have anything to say about this because it’s an individual opinion. If you ask some people who do this, their response will be, ‘I don’t know or I’ve not seen the father of the baby.’ Some will say it’s because of Nigeria’s situation. All in the name of no money to take care of the baby.
While some will say they are not ready to nurse a baby. But are these genuine excuses? If you know there is a problem, why can’t you prevent yourself from being pregnant instead of killing the baby. We need to be frank with each other, government needs to do something about this. Anybody that is caught should be punished.

I think those who do such are born of the devil and should be dealt with. I am not in support of that illicit act. Everybody should be on a look out so that those who are involved can be apprehended and face the law.

Whether the mother is ready or not, no child deserves to be abandoned. Girls doing it are lazy and heartless too. Some will even kill the baby, that’s wickedness. My own opinion is that, apart from the normal anti-natal pregnant women do, hospitals should also make provision for the sensitization of young pregnant ladies. Maybe this will help to reduce if not eradicate such act.

Charity, they say, begins at home. This kind of thing is a sign that parents have failed in their duties. First, a well trained girl should not even get pregnant out of wedlock not to talk of abandoning or even killing the child because she was abandoned by the supposed father or even their inability to fend for their child.
All perpetrators of such act should be punished.

It’s a bad omen, l am sure no one forced them into getting pregnant. I believe no married woman will do such but the unmarried ones. Anyone caught should be sentenced to jail with hard labour for them to realise that what they are doing is bad. There should be capital punishment, if caught. Parents should give their female children proper home training, they should not be allowed to go out unnecessarily.

Such act only shows that the woman involved is an ungrateful being. Children are special gifts from God which He gives to whoever He wishes. Some people have everything to take care of as many children as possible but they don’t have any.
So, why will God bless you with one thing and because of one flimsy excuse or the other, you now throw the baby away? You don’t even know if that’s the only one you are destined to have. God will save this generation’s ladies, they commit too many atrocities.




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