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Meet Ayinde Marshal’s siblings who are into hip hop – The story of Oyindamola and Sultan

LATEST discoveries in the music industry, Oyindamola (Honey Bee) and Sultan are children of fuji lord, K1 de Ultimate from different mothers.  They have decided to tread their father’s path but in a different way.  Oyindamola had lived all her life in the UK, now back home and ready to storm the music industry likewise her sibling, Sultan, who is currently studying Dentistry in a university in the US.  They spoke to ENCOMIUM Weekly about their mission in the industry.


‘I am in love with music’

  • Oyindamola Ayinde Marshal (Honey Bee)

Can we meet you?

My name is Oyindamola Ayinde Marshal, but my stage name is Honey Bee.

You have been abroad all this while, were you born there and what have you been doing there?

No, I was born in Nigeria but my mother took me there when I was three months. I had my primary and secondary education there before I went to music college where I learnt rock music, jazz, hip-hop, R n’ B and lots more.  After doing that I applied for weekly auditions, where you get to perform alongside an artist of another genre.  From there, I started learning music back home (here in Nigeria).  I listened to my dad’s fuji music often so I could learn because it appeals to me a lot.  The new generation have come up with different styles of music especially Afrobeat which is now going worldwide.  So, from things like that, it just shows me that with my kind of music, R n’ B, which is from England and going back to my roots and my dad’s fuji coming over to Nigeria and mixing with different musicians is the next thing I want to do. I want to do Afrobeat incorporated with others to get something crazy.

When did you discover you could sing?

My mum told me I loved music when I was a kid.  I have been singing since childhood, standing in front of the radio around 10 years old. I went for auditions in school, talent shows and anything associated with music in school.  I was happy to do it.

What difference are you bringing into the Nigerian music industry?

I’m bringing in something different, I am coming in with an edge over others in the industry because I am not afraid. I knew I have what it takes to be the girl next door with my R n’ B love songs, emotional songs.  Basically something different, I am not afraid to take the risk.

Who among the Nigerian artists has always impressed you apart from your dad?

I like listening to Wizkid, his songs could be very exciting and inspiring all the time.  Also, Tiwa Savage, she’s got talent as well and probably D’Banj because he is an entertainer.

You attended the same school with Adele and other music stars, what influence does that have on your career?

In terms of Adele and Jesse Jay, we attended the same school.  We met mostly on the corridor.  The influence it had on me was to stay true to myself that no matter how long it takes, you can still achieve whatever you want to achieve.  You must also have knowledge of your industry and know what it takes and the rest is up to you and your talent and how long it will take you.

What is your relationship with your dad despite the fact that he has a lot of wives and children?

First, I like my dad and he loves all his children.  For me, he is open, I can go to him anytime and most importantly, for the fact that I have taken up music.  He is one of the best people to go to because he has been in music for so long and knows what he does.

Tell us about your mom.

My mom is my rock, she is amazing.  She is very firm on education and she was there all along to direct my ways.

So many people who come out from a music family always step on their father’s achievement to get to the top, are you doing the same?

I work hard, I love what I do.  I am really passionate and I am not planning on sitting on my father’s success.


sultan‘My kind of music is unique’

  • Sultan Ayinde Marshal

Are you based in Nigeria?

I used to but now I live in Chicago, USA.

At what age did you venture into music?

I started music at 13 to 14 years, I attended Chrisland School.  Ever since I moved to the UK.

What type of song do you sing?

I am into Afro hip-hop, that’s me and I have to put it into what I do.  I rap because that is what I grew up knowing how to do best.  So, I just try to incorporate Naija (Nigerian) songs.

What level of support do you get from your dad?

I get tremendous support, but he told me to put school first in all I do. He doesn’t have anything against me singing, he just told me to go to school first.

What is your educational pedigree?

Presently I am on scholarship to study Dentistry in the United States.

What different thing are you bringing into the music industry?

Something new, a blend of my songs and that of others.  It’s something nobody has ever done before.

Where actually did you grow up?

I grew up in three places, Nigeria, US and the UK because I lived in those places at one time or the other.

Tell us about your mother.

She is Labake Kaosara Anifowoshe. She sells clothes at Lagos Island.  She is one of the biggest fabrics merchants in Lagos Island.

What about your siblings?

From my father side we are many but from my mother, we are two, me and Farouk.

Your father seems to mention your name and that of Farouk often whenever he sings, is it that he pays much attention on the two of you only?

To be honest, my dad loves all of his children. It is not only me and Farouk, he mentions everybody’s name whenever he sings.

What are you leveraging on to succeed in the industry, is it your father’s achievement?

I can’t leverage on my dad’s achievement, if I try to do that, he will just overshadow me.  I am doing my own stuff.  His shoes are too big to step in for me.

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, August 7, 2012



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